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Aquarius: Personality Traits Of This Zodiac Sign

What do you know about astrology? This millennial practice has captivated minds for centuries and continues to intrigue even today with its predictions of events based on the interpretation of the chart of the sky and celestial bodies. If you are curious to learn more about the secrets of the stars, then you have come to the right place. We make you discover in this article the facets of the eleventh sign of the zodiac which is none other than Aquarius.

Introducing Aquarius

The constellation Aquarius is one of the oldest to have been recorded. The Greek mathematician and astronomer Claudius Ptolemy was one of the first to have documented it in his work Almagest, an encyclopedia that brings together the ancient knowledge of Greece and the Middle East on astrology. Aquarius takes its name from the Latin “Aquarius”, which means “water carrier”. In the pictographic writings on the other hand, it is symbolized by two wavy lines ♒︎ which evoke the serpent and wisdom. The Aquarius period comes at the end of the astrological year, between Capricorn and Pisces, and is linked to people born between January 20 and February 19.

General characteristics of the sign of Aquarius

By the position it occupies in the astrological year, Aquarius is presented as a sage of the horoscope, who has assimilated all the collective experience and accessed more complex energies. Aquarius natives are known for their independent spirit and are often seen as visionaries and innovators. This zodiac sign is indeed that of many mentors, innovators, and inventors globally. In myths and legends about the creation of the world, Aquarius is described as one of the creators of mankind, the designer of the system.

The qualities of Aquarius

Aquarians are distinguished by their particular nature. Here are some characteristic traits that describe these people born under the sign of the water bearer:


Aquarians are leaders. They chart their path and stick to their decision. Known for their great self-confidence, they express their opinions directly by defending their cause with conviction and firmness.


Aquarians are deep beings who tend to live much of their lives immersed in a world driven by a fertile imagination. In their constantly boiling minds, they dissect their knowledge, defy convention, dream, wonder about space, etc. It is not uncommon that during heated conversations they are engaged in discussion, only in appearance, but lost in thought at the same time.


Aquarius is probably the most eccentric sign of the zodiac. He has an innovative and unconventional spirit that pushes him to constantly come up with new ideas and create new patterns. Her style of dress is also unusual. He doesn’t shy away from wearing fancy hairstyles that set him apart from the crowd. Aquarius is an individual who does not go unnoticed.


Aquarians are sensitive to the fate of the world and the universe. Endowed with an innate sense of justice, they sometimes adopt alternative lifestyles and engage in philanthropy and charity work. In their desire to create a better world, they particularly stand out for their commitment to environmental policies.


Regardless of the circumstances, Aquarians refuse to compromise their ideals, morality, and basic need for freedom and independence. They stay true to themselves and never give up on what matters most to them.

The flaws of Aquarius

Aquarians possess characteristics that set them apart from others. But like every zodiac sign, they too have their flaws. Here are the main ones:


Aquarius is enigmatic and mysterious. He is a free spirit who escapes the clutches. It is elusive and nothing and no one can limit it. Under the influence of Uranus, the planet of unpredictable upheavals, Aquarius constantly changes personality, appearance, or plans. What motivates him? Difficult to answer.

Insensitive and impersonal

Aquarians can sometimes seem insensitive. They prioritize logic and reason and don’t let emotion rule them, which can make them seem like they’re devoid of emotion. But this is not the case. They do feel the emotions, but don’t let them overpower their decisions. Rather, they ensure that their choices are guided by rational thinking rather than impulsive reactions.

Difficult to understand

Aquarians stand out for being open-minded and kind to everyone they meet, but when it comes to sharing their deepest feelings, they are very selective. They don’t allow everyone into their inner world.

You can ask them all the questions, but you will get either a few answers or all your questions answered, as long as you leave them in peace afterward.


Aquarius is different from other zodiac signs. These natives with a mysterious and complex nature are often difficult for most people to understand. This is the reason why they are generally referred to as eccentrics. This singularity is sometimes misunderstood or perceived as strange by those who are more attached to social conformity.


Aquarius may have an aversion to set rules and tend to disagree with authority. Aquarius are rebellious, they are unpredictable, and sometimes unruly because their independent spirit pushes them to always claim their freedom, no matter the circumstances. Their rebellious nature sometimes pushes them to provoke, to question the limits imposed by society, or to question traditional norms.

Tendency to impose an opinion

Aquarians tend to impose their beliefs and opinions on others. Although they are willing to hear the points of view of those around them, they do not take gloves when it comes to speaking their truth and defending their ideas. If you are unlucky enough to question their beliefs, they may become acerbic or even insulting using hurtful words.


It often happens that Aquarius acts without thinking, without feeling remorse or guilt at the negative consequences of their actions. The willingness of these zodiac natives to push boundaries and challenge convention can lead them to radical actions and stances. But, due to their natural independence, they may find it difficult to fully grasp the emotional impact of their actions and words on others.


Aquarius can sometimes have a hard time making decisions because they are constantly analyzing and considering all the options. This is a commendable quality, but one that can lead to some indecision. Sometimes opportunities disappear even before Aquarius makes up their minds.


Aquarians generally take an open and uninhibited approach to sexuality and are always ready to explore new experiences. For them, the theoretical aspect of intimacy is just as captivating as the practical experience. They know how to recognize and appreciate beauty in all its forms, and are ready to accept their partner without trying to transform it. It’s not uncommon to see Aquarians maintaining their friendships with former lovers. What matters to Aquarius men is emotional contact. This explains their tendency to take their time before moving on to physical intimacy. Aquarius women, on the other hand, stand out in the sphere of intimacy. Their relationships can be heated and tumultuous.

Family and marriage

Aquarians are not the most in a hurry when it comes to putting the noose around their necks. Due to their independent nature, they do not feel the need to rush and also prefer to avoid manifestations of jealousy in their relationship. In the relationship, even when it is harmonious, Aquarius needs their own space and time for themselves, while remaining devoted to their partner. They expect their other half to have a cautious attitude, to value intelligence, to have the ability to make independent decisions and to be cordial and open-minded. Aquarius men attach great importance to the family, seek to fill their lives with romance and tenderness, and show their love for their soul mates. Aquarius women, on the other hand, excel in their roles as caring mothers and benevolent wives. They can avoid conflict and know how to maintain harmony in their home.

Aquarius: What Kind Of Parent Is It?

Aquarius gives himself the necessary time (several years sometimes) to prepare for the arrival of a child. It is for him a special event to which he attaches particular importance. For this reason, Aquarians often become parents at a more mature age. Then, once parents, they show admirable endurance, patience, and wisdom. They assume their parental responsibilities brilliantly and allow little room for outside influences, whether from grandparents or counselors. They strive to build a friendly relationship with their children by practicing, among other things, original family activities, and hobbies and avoid scolding them for bad grades, for example. They are open-minded and encourage individuality and self-expression in their children.


Aquarians have a great ability to communicate. They are naturally sociable and make excellent conversationalists, capable of capturing the attention of those around them. Therefore, spending time with an Aquarius is a pleasant and rewarding experience. You may not see the hours pass. When it comes to money, Aquarians often have a reputation for being cautious. If some call them stingy, it could be that they just prefer not to lend money, much less borrow it.


Aquarius has a great thirst for adventure and an immoderate taste for exploring new experiences. It is distinguished by its versatility and interest in a variety of hobbies. From an early age, he generally had a passion for music, dance, and drawing, which he often met with success. During his teenage years, he was drawn to sports such as swimming, gymnastics, athletics, martial arts, and extreme activities such as skydiving and diving. As an adult, he becomes fond of traveling, learning foreign languages, ​​and cultural discoveries. One of the great passions shared by many Aquarians is computer programming, especially creating games.


In the world of work, Aquarians’ sense of responsibility makes them excellent collaborators. They are cautious in their decision-making and opt for well-considered choices. They are found in art or writing, areas where they can give free rein to their creativity. Their sociability, which is one of their greatest qualities, opens up great professional prospects for them in a variety of other fields such as journalism, sociology, teaching, psychology, consulting, sales, and marketing. Besides, they also excel as therapists, guides, travel agents, and scientists. While Aquarius men stand out for their dedication in their professional environment, they do not conform to conventions and standard approaches, but value innovation.


Aquarius is often considered to have delicate health compared to other zodiac signs. Their constitution can make them more sensitive to the bones and muscles of the lower limbs, such as the calves, ankles, and wrists. They may also be prone to problems related to the digestive system and the eyes. Ailments commonly associated with Aquarius include anemia, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, calf cramps, a predisposition to sprains and fractures, as well as eye problems such as cataracts and rapid vision loss. with age.


When it comes to love and marriage, Aquarians aren’t just looking for an object of desire, they’re looking for a soul mate, someone with total compatibility. Above all, Aquarius is looking for a person who understands him, who appreciates his bold ideas and creative impulses, and who supports him in all circumstances, without trying to dominate the relationship. The most harmonious unions for Aquarius will usually be found with partners of the zodiac signs  Sagittarius, Aries, or Virgo. These zodiac signs are distinguished by their stability and rational thinking. On the other hand, signs such as Leo or Gemini, sparkling and unpredictable, with their indecisiveness and changeable nature, are unlikely to get along with an Aquarius.

What attracts Aquarius

Aquarians are distinguished by their intelligence, friendliness, open-mindedness, and frankness. They are often attracted to unique things, to intelligent and fine-minded people. Aquarius natives are attracted to travel to discover new horizons and enrich their culture, and often need their space to feel free.

Aquarius Woman

Above all, do not be fooled by its ordinary image. The Aquarius woman is far from an ordinary person. She can capture the attention of all men who cross her path. Her charm and allure make her irresistible, and she has an innate talent for seducing any interlocutor. Men are drawn to her lively and brilliant mind, as well as her supposed “lightness”. So they make the mistake of thinking they can easily win her heart, but it’s not that simple. The Aquarius woman receives compliments with a smile. But, it’s just a way of being polite to her. The Aquarius Woman has a changing character. Some days, she wants to stand out from the crowd by sporting eccentric and flashy outfits, daring hairstyles, and extravagant makeup. On other days, it can present itself in a more modest and discreet aspect. A contrast in appearance that does not fail to turn the heads of men, as they find it mysterious.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is deeply attached to his family and loved ones, but he also likes to preserve his personal space and freedom. He, therefore, prefers to maintain a certain distance from strangers. He is a loner who likes to spend time with himself. The sweet and kind appearance of the Aquarius man can sometimes mask his determination and firmness when he stands up for his convictions. His courage, his open-mindedness, his frankness, and his honesty are qualities that are dear to him and which show through in his relationships. Many Aquarius men thrive in fields such as politics, science, art, and fashion.

Aquarius Child

According to astrologer and esotericist  Yulia Amagi, the life course of Aquarius is often marked by early maturity. Their childhood may differ from that of other children, sometimes being less carefree and more marked by challenges and trials. Growing up, Aquarians can feel like outsiders, having experienced betrayal, difficult relationships with peers, siblings, and situations of injustice. Thus, the quest for camaraderie and like-minded people becomes essential.

Freedom and independence are core values ​​for them, and they constantly seek opportunities to express their originality and push the boundaries. However, these early experiences can allow Aquarius natives to reveal their spontaneity and unique talents.

Element :

The element of Aquarius is air.


The planet that rules the sign of Aquarius is Uranus.

lucky numbers

2, 4, 8.


The color of Aquarius is blue. She offers valuable support to Aquarius natives to help them refocus and channel their excitement.


The stones associated with Aquarius are varied. Each of them has its characteristics and symbols and differs according to the date of birth of each individual.

For those born from January 21 to February 1:

  • Aventurine: For luck in business, romantic relationships, and morale.
  • Amethyst: To increase self-esteem, develop intuition, and find balance and inspiration.
  • Pearls: To facilitate understanding and strengthen ties with loved ones.
  • Jade: To increase prosperity and help in romantic relationships and the family circle.

For those born from February 2 to 11, the recommended stones are:

  • Turquoise: It offers defense against quarrels, hatred, and negative influences from their enemies.
  • Lapis Lazuli: It amplifies the positive qualities of character and encourages mutual respect within relationships.
  • Onyx: It brings a sense of balance and promotes thoughtful decision-making.

For those born from February 12 to 19, the recommended stones are:

  • Aquamarine: To eliminate unnecessary experiences from Aquarius life.
  • Pomegranate: To receive love and friendship
  • Sapphire: To learn more easily and develop personally
  • Tourmaline: To stimulate creativity.


Tin: It is recommended that Aquarius have it on him constantly so that he can charge it with his energy.


Aquarians are connected to several trees. Maple, with its revitalizing energy, brightens the spirit and boosts self-confidence. Pine, on the other hand, brings tranquility and promotes inner peace. Finally, cypress plays an important role in romantic relationships by encouraging better mutual understanding and stimulating sexual energy.


Flowers have a special power over Aquarius: Geranium not only relaxes the mind but also protects against negative energies. The coleus brings precious help in the financial field by promoting abundance and prosperity. The poinsettia is an ally for the career. It bestows mental strength and energy to achieve professional goals. Finally, the violet sows peace in the house and creates a harmonious and balanced environment.


Aquarius has companions in the animal world: The camel that inspires calm and peace of mind. The pigeon is famous for its ability to protect its owner from harmful influences. The crane stimulates mental abilities. In the absence of being able to live with these animals in their garden, Aquarians can obtain figurines or images representing them to connect with their energies. In addition, Aquarius can adopt a mini-pig also called a Vietnamese pig. It is an eccentric and playful animal just like the native Aquarius.

Famous Aquarians:

There are several Aquarius astrological sign personalities among French celebrities:

  • Actor Guillaume Gallienne: born on February 8, 1972
  • Actress Géraldine Nakache: born February 16, 1980
  • Songwriter Benjamin Biolay: born January 20, 1973
  • Footballer Lucas Hernandez: born on February 14, 1996
  • Footballer Aurélien Tchouaméni: born January 27, 2000
  • Former President Nicolas Sarkozy: born January 28, 1955


What is the zodiac sign for the date February 19: Pisces or Aquarius?

If you were born on February 19, you could be either a Pisces or Aquarius zodiac sign. On the other hand, the baby’s birth time can help you determine your zodiac sign exactly. If you were born in the morning (or before sunset in some cases), you are Aquarius. On the other hand, if you were born after sunset, around midnight, then you are under the sign of Pisces. Still, the person born on February 19 will show particularities linked to one or other of the signs in their behavior. Aquarius will be more comfortable communicating, while the Pisces horoscope will be more serious in personal relationships. Observing behavior is therefore another way to identify the true zodiac sign.

Who is Aquarius’ worst enemy?

Aquarius tries to live on good terms with all the other signs of the zodiac. But the agreement may be difficult, even impossible with some. This is the case of Taurus with whom compatibility is minimal. But make no mistake! People born under these two zodiac signs are kind by nature, but their difference in character makes it practically impossible for them to live together. Let’s see some points that distinguish them:

  • While Aquarius is drawn to novelty and is constantly oriented toward the future, Taurus is more traditional and nostalgic for times past.
  • Aquarius is known for breaking rules and pushing boundaries, while Taurus prefers to follow established conventions.
  • Aquarius hates routine. Taurus is a routine person who finds it difficult to step out of their comfort zone.

These are all aspects of their personalities that make these two signs unlikely to get along. But nothing is impossible. An Aquarius and a Taurus can become friends if they are people who accept differences.

Are Aquarius Faithful?

To protect his couple against winds and tides, Aquarius will never be tempted by a love affair. So yes! We can say that Aquarius is faithful in the same way as Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo. Aquarius is an Air sign, independent of course, but favors fixity in a romantic relationship and does not feel the need to flit about. He just needs his couple to be out of the ordinary because of his eccentric character.

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