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Aries With A Grenade: How Zodiac Signs Drive


Aries are impulsive natures, so it is not surprising that they should worry about discretion while driving. After all, a car for a representative of the first sign of the zodiac is a way to let emotions out, to feel freedom and energy. Of course, not every Aries is a scorcher, but for most of them, a car is a part of life that gives certain emotions. Representatives of this zodiac sign are worried about the interior decoration, excellent acoustics, and well-chosen music. To ensure excellent ride quality, Aries prefer to purchase stylish cars from popular and reliable world brands. One of the favorite options for Aries is a sports car.


Taurus are scrupulous people who love personal transport, take care of it, and know all the rules of the road. And this ideal picture is spoiled by only one single quality of the representatives of the second sign of the zodiac – stubbornness. It happens that Taurus appears not to be the most law-abiding driver just because something annoys them. In such cases, Taurus can ignore the sign or not let the pedestrian through at the crossing. But this is not typical for all representatives of this zodiac sign. A much more general quality is the tendency to consider the car not as a luxury, but as a means of transportation. Taurus does not need big brand names and stylish sports cars. On the contrary, Taurus is a lover of simplicity, quality, and reliability. He will thoroughly take care of personal vehicles: wash, polish, carry out technical inspections, and so on.


Gemini is fast people because their element is Air. And the air is wind, hurricane, power, speed. Nothing is surprising in the fact that among the representatives of the third sign of the zodiac, so many people prefer to drive fast. Nevertheless, they are far from being leaders in accident statistics, because speed for Gemini is a natural state in which they are perfectly oriented. Nevertheless, many representatives of this zodiac sign easily cross this line of theirs and drive a car carefully and carefully, compensating for the lack of music with excellent acoustics and loud music. These are the same people who “pump bass” and some dynamic melody roars all over the street. They prefer open windows so that noise and wind give a feeling of freedom, flight, and speed.


Crayfish are careful drivers who are very prudent about driving on the road. They are cautious and slow. Due to emotionality, representatives of the fourth sign of the zodiac are rather conflicting drivers. Any traffic accident can anger them and lead to a conflict situation. It doesn’t matter if the other driver or the pedestrian is to blame – everyone can get from the flaming Cancer. Riding for him is not the most calm state, requiring tension and understanding of the situation. True, there are experienced Cancers who know how to relax even while driving. In any case, Cancer is not just a grouchy boor at the wheel, but a person who is keenly worried about everything being safe with everyone on the road. As for the choice of car, Cancer has no special preferences here. The main thing is to drive safely.


Leo is perhaps the most careful driver. He is an idealist in many ways, and therefore such a person should have a car to match – ideal: without a speck of dust, without a scratch. On a day off in the morning, Leo is not too lazy to get up to go wash the car. On the road, he is vigilant to keep everyone at a safe distance. Representatives of this zodiac sign know the rules of the road perfectly to always have an advantage on the road in controversial situations. Most Leos will prefer a luxurious car, with a big name, golden decorations, an exquisite silhouette, and so on. But not everyone can afford such an acquisition. Those Lions, who can afford only fairly well-traveled domestic cars from their hands, do not lose heart and take care of what they have. Even if they have an old “Penny”, it glitters and sparkles,


Virgos are people who take driving very seriously. They learn the rules by heart and seriously believe that they have taken on a special responsibility by becoming a driver. They are always fastened, and sober, and have a first aid kit, a spare tire, and the necessary papers. It is quite difficult to find a Virgo driver whose car would not have an alarm and a DVR. Everything that is required for a high-quality and safe ride, Virgo has. Virgo will stop at a traffic light, even if there is no one on the road. In their area, representatives of this zodiac sign know all the streets along which you can cut through the yard most shortly for a shorter road. Some Virgos, having received the rights, become unbearable, because all the time they begin to talk about cars and look at other interlocutors as people of a different sort. However, this is not inherent in all Virgos,


Libras are balanced, but dreamy people. That is why it is quite difficult for them to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Drivers of this sign often get into trouble on the road in cases where it would seem impossible to do so at all. However, this does not apply to all Libra. It should be said about the preferences of this zodiac sign in cars. They love high-end, flashy cars that stand out on the road with style. Comfort is also an important condition. A car without air conditioning is an undesirable option for this representative of the element of Air. In addition, Libra appreciates collectible and exclusive cars, but they prefer to avoid public transport. It is worth noting that Libra knows the rules of the road very well, and therefore, in a cheerful and concentrated state, they are reliable drivers.


Scorpios are connoisseurs of expensive cars. Riding a veteran of the domestic auto industry is terrible for representatives of this zodiac sign. In the statistics of accidents, they are far in the last places. Scorpios know all the rules by heart. As for the use of a car, for them, it is not a means of transportation, not something that is useful in the economy, but status. Of course, some of the representatives of this zodiac sign need a car, but often many of them buy transport only because it looks stylish, impresses and makes it easier to travel.


Sagittarians are people who love travel and the road. They like long trips that hide incomparable romance. Representatives of this zodiac sign should buy roomy cars, minibusses, trucks, and SUVs. A trailer is also a good option, and indeed a “mobile home” is a dream for many Sagittarius, who look with admiration at how easy it is to implement in the West. As a driver, Sagittarius is quite good, but he often gets bored while driving. He likes communication and constantly needs new experiences, and therefore such a driver is talkative, and if there is no one to talk to, he will get on the phone. You should be careful with this, as such actions can lead to undesirable accidents on the road. Sagittarius does not make a cult out of the car itself. The main thing is that everything you need is there, for example, personal items,


Capricorns are pragmatic, thoughtful, and reasonable people. Some of them can use this as an advantage on the road. But the prevailing number of representatives of this zodiac sign are wary of speed. Capricorns get lost on the road, turn the wrong way, and break the rules in every possible way, which, despite this, they know very well, almost by heart. Everything changes when Capricorn finds himself off-road: here is a real expanse for Capricorn, no longer squeezed by a dense ring of drivers, not obliged to follow a string of signs and adjust to the pace of traffic light color music. It is on potholes and half-grown trails that Capricorn can show true driving skills. Of the cars, SUVs and classic models are preferred.


Aquarians are rational and calm drivers. They do not like to drive, to take unjustified risks. Most of them are well aware that on the roads they often happen to absent-mindedly neglect this or that rule, and therefore they pay special attention to how they drive. They are economical on gasoline and would gladly switch to some other, alternative type of fuel. A driver born under the sign of Aquarius rarely creates problems for others on the road. Even if in life he is known as an extravagant person, on the road he is modest, helpful, law-abiding, and polite. Choosing a car is not particularly picky. He tries to look at the characteristics, and not at the appearance of the car.


Pisces is not the most reliable driver due to distraction. They need some time to get used to the road, after which the representatives of the twelfth sign of the zodiac feel much more confident. They are unhurried and do not easily endure long trips. These people don’t like speed. For them, a car is just a means to get from point A to point B, preferably without any incident. In the life of Pisces, the car does not play any special role, but everything changes if this car has the color of a sea wave. In such cases, a person born under the sign of Pisces takes great pleasure in going on trips and taking care of his transport.

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