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Horoscope: Why This Friday, March 8th Will Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

According to astrology, this Friday, March 8th could well serve as a springboard for your aspirations. We explain to you how the meeting of two planets could impact your zodiac sign.

“Let the morning dawn on a whole new world as we imagine it”, sang Michel Berger in “Let dreams pass”. A very appropriate piece for this Friday, where the prospect of the weekend will not be the only one to sell us dreams. In the sky, two stars meet for their little annual reunion. Mercury and Neptune conspire in Pisces to direct us on the path to what we truly desire, deep within us, from deep in our unconscious. Whether you believe it or not, a little magical thinking never hurts, especially on a Friday. We explain to you what Mercury and Neptune have in their drawer for you and your astrological sign.


Mercury and Neptune are only side by side once or twice a year: an opportunity to be seized. The planet of communication and intellect (Mercury) lends a hand to the planet of dreams and idealism (Neptune). United at the 27th degree of the sign of Pisces, for astrology, this duo brings hope. Mercury’s thinking puts itself at the service of Neptune, developing strategies to achieve our wildest goals. As a result, the desire to believe in it boosts morale, we become more proactive. Neptune encourages us to think bigger, to brush aside our limiting thoughts. In short, the planetary duo pushes us to find how to make our dreams emerge in real life.

And since Neptune is at home in Pisces, she invites Mercury to follow her mantra. Which falls somewhere between “the sky’s the limit!” » and “Help others and heaven will help you”. Here, no ambition without compassion, no progress without communication. It’s time to unpack our ideas, to plan together, to ask for advice. We grasp the outstretched hands, and we do not hesitate to extend one ourselves. Who knows what a simple conversation might bring later? But be careful: the test of Pisces is always waiting. You will have to be ready to let go and accept that you will not necessarily know when the seeds sown will germinate. What is certain is that none are likely to emerge from the ground if we do not plant them there.


The entire zodiac is affected by this astral conjuncture, but differently. Don’t forget to also take into account your ascendant and your moon sign.

  • Neptune is their favorite star and everything happens in their constellation: Pisces is on the front line. This Friday, they put their intuition and their brains at the service of their desires. Nothing is too good, they just go for it. Same thing for the two other Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. With one caveat: be careful of overly unrealistic projections and remain as little as possible anchored in reality.
  • Mercury’s little protégés, Gemini and Virgo, also experience an ego boost. The field of possibilities seems to open up to them, they feel more inspired and more inclined to project themselves into the future and make plans for the comet. The challenge will be for them not to put too much pressure on themselves to achieve their goals, at the risk of missing the target.
  • Thanks to the helping hand of Venus in Aquarius, three signs will also benefit from this great breath of hope and luck. Aquarius, of course, can count on their relationships (physical and virtual) to find other paths and advance their projects. Libra and Taurus, the heirs of Venus, also regain their momentum. Libra could find in its networks the key it was missing to realize a long-standing goal. Taurus has every interest not to stop at his prejudices, to see further than what he is used to, and to trust himself.
  • Thanks to Saturn also in Pisces, Capricorn indulges in a practice he knows little about believing in. Jupiter infuses him with an optimism that mixes with the hope broadcast by the Mercury/Neptune duo this Friday. He sees a situation settle down, begins to see the glass half full, and believes in his lucky star. Same thing for Leo, thanks to the Sun in Pisces, he feels animated that day with unparalleled creativity. Thanks to his talent for bringing together people who have the same goals, he could well create a “dream team” at the top.
  • Finally, it is Sagittarius who might surprisingly have the most difficulty letting himself dream. He finds himself being a little more finicky and cautious, his key star (Jupiter) forming an opposing angle with Mercury and Neptune. For him, it’s simply a matter of not being in an “all or nothing” situation. The cosmic centaur must make a distinction between believing in it completely (and sometimes wrongly) and not taking anything seriously. A prudence which, well measured, could well arrange his affairs.

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