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Astrology: What Your Astral Chart Says About Your Relationship With Your Mother

The birth chart doesn’t just talk about your personality or your romantic relationships. We can also see the relationship you have with your mother and/or your children. Manual.

Yes, an astral chart can give clues about your ideal job according to the stars, the importance of friendships in your life, or even how you function as a couple. Uniquely, your sky map (another name given to the astral chart) shows the celestial vault as it was at the time and place of your birth. Among this slew of astrological data, we can detect in an astrological chart what relationship you have with your mother or the main maternal figure in your life. Accomplice, fusion, or even conflictual relationship: the stars say a lot on the subject. Enough to introspect, open a dialogue, or even look into the subject of astrogeology. How to go about it? Start by calculating your astral chart using your birth information (place, date, time) on a free site such as astrotheme.fr or evozen.fr, then follow the guide!

Reminder: of course, astrology is only an art of interpretation based on mythological symbols. It allows you to open up avenues of thought, and to use other words to talk about yourself. But it obviously cannot reliably account for the links between a parent and their child. These are also shaped by factors such as family history but also the economic, cultural, and social context.


The Moon has a host of meanings in astrology. Among them, is maternity. It symbolizes fertility via the movement of the tides but also the similarity between lunar phases and menstrual cycles. A beacon in the night, our satellite also represents (re)comfort and security: notions traditionally associated with the mother. Today, in a desire to rid astrology of its gender prejudices, the Moon is also attributed to all types of gentle and soothing parenting. That being said, your moon sign represents, for astrologers, the type of mother you had, your relationship with your mother, or even your vision of motherhood. How to interpret the Moon in your birth chart? Firstly, thanks to the sign in which it is found.

  • In the sign of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), this can symbolize a passionate but sometimes conflicting bond, a form of competition between mother and child, or even a mother who greatly encourages outdoor activities and discovery.
  • A Moon in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) would indicate a stable, trusting relationship, where meeting the child’s physical and pragmatic needs was sometimes more important than emotional needs.
  • In Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the relationship with the mother can be very changeable and based on an intellectual understanding more than anything else, or even a “mother friend” type relationship.
  • A Moon in the sign of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) would indicate an almost fusional relationship with the mother, sometimes to the point of sharing emotions and traumas or even to the point of reversing the mother/child roles.

Note that some moon signs are easier to live with, according to astrology (Taurus, Cancer), and others are more complicated (Scorpio, Capricorn). Which could tell you about a harmonious relationship or one that requires more work.


Less known than the Moon but just as interesting, the asteroid Ceres also has a lot to bring us. He tells us about the myth of Ceres (Demeter in Greek) and her daughter Proserpine (Persephone), who passes from her mother’s lap to the status of queen of the Underworld. As Caroline Moye explains in “Astrology and feminine energies – Explore the feminine archetypes of your astral chart”, this myth tells us about the child’s gaining independence and the preservation of the link with the mother at age. adult. Vast subject, which can be explored in a more personal way thanks to the position of Ceres in your astral chart. The asteroid is easily identified by its symbol: a billhook surmounting a cross (not to be confused with the symbol of a crescent moon overhanging a cross, that of Lilith ).

  • For example, Ceres in Capricorn (responsibility, structure, ambition) could indicate a mother/child relationship based on rigor and discipline. Positive point of this placement: this type of bond prepares you for adult life and taking off peacefully. Negative point: it can reveal emotional deficiencies or self-censorship to adhere to a parental ideal.
  • Another example of interpretation: you have Ceres in Gemini (intellect, amusement, curiosity). It is possible that your relationship with your mother was a complicity that was almost more like friendship. Positive point: this fairly horizontal balance of power allows you to freely share your opinions and concerns with your mother. Negative point: a lack of emotional stability and/or structuring limits that play tricks on you in your adult life.


You don’t choose your family and, in astrology, you don’t choose what the situation of your 4th house will be (family, family history, maternal ties). However, you are free to interpret it in the way that seems most fair to you. New to astrology, have you never heard of the 12 astrological houses? Small upgrade: they split the circle of your astrological chart into 12. They are visible on your sky map and numbered counterclockwise. Each of these 12 pieces of metaphorical cake represents a part of life. Thus, the astrological sign where your 4th house begins and the planets that inhabit it (or not) tell you about the theme of the 4th house: family, family history, cultural heritage, and maternal ties.

  • Let’s take the case of a 4th house in Sagittarius (independence, optimism, exploration). This may indicate a relationship where the mother encouraged independence and curiosity in the child. Positive point: the child was pushed to make his own experiences with joy and enthusiasm, not with fear and apprehension. Negative point: an absence of limits or an absence altogether, where the child had to raise a lot on his own.
  • If the 4th house is in the sign of Virgo (method, rational, humility, work) it can be interpreted as a mother/child relationship where the emphasis is placed on the sense of duty. Positive point: the maternal figure pushes for constant improvement, and provides for needs with constancy and reassurance. Negative point: a maternal figure who pushed the concern for health or organization very far, placing great personal demands on the child, once an adult.

Bonus: the 4th house being the domain of the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, the presence of the cosmic crab in your astral chart is also a source of interpretation. A cluster of planets ( stellium ) in Cancer could indicate a great influence of your mother figure in your life. The stars in question as well as the house where this stellium is located can also be interesting to study. Yes, we told you: an astral chart is rich!

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