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Horoscope: The Arrival Of The Month Of October Risks Being Tense For This Astrological Sign

The stars have spoken. Or rather, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié consulted them to find out which astrological sign will be the least lucky this week from September 28 to October 5, 2023.

As in “Koh Lanta”, the sentence is irrevocable. At least, for this week. In the sky, the equinox has changed everything: nothing is going well, and the game is over. It is now a matter of coming to terms with the symbolism of the stars and planets for the start of autumn. Many cosmic changes are expected during the fall and if the arrival of October brings luck to three astrological signs, another will have to slowly adapt to the atmosphere. Don’t panic, however: if this happens to you this week, Jean-Yves Espié brings you his advice to reconcile you with the stars.


He readily admits that his thing is rather the studious and rigorous atmosphere at the start of the school year. Capricorn fits a little less well with the sociable and flexible atmosphere of this Libra season. Smoothing things out, being friendly even when you want to send your interlocutor to waste by pointing out their incompetence: it’s complicated for Capricorn. The Sun has left the constellation Virgo, a familiar and comfortable terrain for this other Earth sign, Capricorn.

The challenge of the month for him? Adapt, find common ground, and compromise. The favorite sign of the inflexible Saturn tends to have demands that are a bit too great for him… And the others. This is why Libra season is a great opportunity for Capricorns to discover their talents as intermediaries and mediators. Especially since Mars, a planet of decisions and action, is also in the sign of Libra. The time has come to believe in your ability to be directive and exact without being dry.


For Jean-Yves Espié, it is above all the Full Moon in Aries that puts obstacles in the way of Capricorns this week. Friday, September 29th is a Full Harvest Moon. coupled with a lunar eclipse: in other words a key moment of this fall, according to astrology. The fiery energy of Aries gives this Moon a spontaneous, creative, electric energy. Needless to say, frankly not Capricorn’s cup of tea. The atmosphere is heating up, and not in a good way. “The full moon looks askance at you on Friday, expect some annoyances,” confirms Jean-Yves Espié before tempering “but its influence is ephemeral.” Fortunately, in the celestial vault, certain stars give him confidence again. “Remember that with the support of Mercury, you will communicate with ease and that the protection of Jupiter will bring you luck,” concludes Jean-Yves Espié to motivate our Capricorn friends.

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