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Bad Stars: 3 Zodiac Signs Are Haunted By A Streak Of Bad Luck

From March 11th, three zodiac signs will have to grit their teeth and show perseverance. Are you one of the unlucky people of the week?

The stars don’t always align well for you. From March 11th, three zodiac signs will experience a week full of challenges and difficulties. You can find out who has to be strong now here.

#1 Gemini

In your relationship you experience a roller coaster of emotions – sometimes there is pure harmony, sometimes there are arguments. You like this dynamic more than you would like. Singles are wandering through the dating jungle and feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

You currently have a good handle on everything financial. Now it’s worth investing. But be careful: in some situations, you are too stingy and your loved ones around you don’t like that at all.

Mars strengthens your vitality and at the same time ensures inner peace. You need that even after the last, nerve-wracking weeks you’ve had. Treat yourself to some self-care now and maybe plan a wellness day.

#2 Sagittarius

As a single, you may feel confident, but when flirting you often experience contradictory situations. You are not yet clear about your feelings. For lovers, understanding and tenderness are now the main focus.

Teamwork is difficult for you at the moment. At work, you enjoy every free minute that you can work alone on your projects. From time to time that’s completely fine – try to find a balance and a compromise with your colleagues.

Excessive ambition will not get you anywhere in sports. It’s better to take small steps and celebrate small successes. This will help you motivate yourself better in the long term.

#3 Virgo

Singles are now using their time to distribute a lot of likes. However, you don’t want to commit and keep all your options open. There are always small crises in the relationship, but these can be quickly resolved with good communication.

At work, you are currently completely in your element. The work is easy for you and you make quick progress. Sometimes you isolate yourself from your work colleagues – try to be a little more empathetic here.

This week you’re feeling a bit emotionally tense. You just can’t calm down and you quickly become irritated. Now you should take things more relaxed and not challenge your body too much.

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