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Effective Rituals For Money For Each Zodiac Sign

The constellation under which we were born affects not only our character but also our financial luck. For each Zodiac Sign there are proven conspiracies with which you can bring prosperity into life. Zodiac constellations influence people, and astrologers have identified many regular facts with which they can tell a lot about a person, his character, and behavioral characteristics. To ensure that money luck is present in your life, use effective rituals that suit your Zodiac Sign. Effective rituals for money:


Representatives of the fire constellation find it difficult to save money and not spend it on impulse. To stop money flowing out of your pockets, you need to light a small fire, throw a yellow coin into it, and say: “Just as fire consumes everything, nourishes the spark of life in me, so it will attract money to me, not leaving me without finances, etc. ” Wait until the fire burns down, find a coin, and carry it with you as a talisman.


Taurus are lucky in matters of money, but they often miss the opportunity to put their savings into growth. To increase your capital, use a proven conspiracy. In the evening, when the waxing Moon is visible in the sky, go outside.

Place a few coins in a transparent jar, screw the lid on tightly, and say: “The moon makes money grow, it helps me.” As the Full Moon passes, failure with money will no longer come. ” Leave the jar in a secluded place and with each paycheck, put a few coins in it.

Effective rituals for money. Gemini

Geminis are often prevented from achieving financial independence by their irrepressible energy. They abandon things without ever bringing them to their logical conclusion. You can increase the chance of adding money to your wallet in the following way: find a beautiful light-colored feather, and place it between two large bills for a few minutes. Take out the feather and say: “The bird was flying and dropped the feather. Whoever found it found happiness.” Place the feather in a secluded place at home so that it attracts wealth to you.


Cancers are prevented from increasing their wealth by their reluctance to part with their savings and invest them. You can change your attitude towards money and open your path to well-being with the help of an effective conspiracy. Before sending money to the bank, say:

“I don’t part with money, I let it grow, I give little, I get more.” Don’t be afraid to put your finances to work so that your money energy is constantly renewed and you can earn more.


Leos have difficulty with money because they spend most of their income on luxury goods. A more effective conspiracy will help you moderate your ardor. Take an expensive item, for example, jewelry, squeeze it tightly in your hand and say:

“The money is spent, there is no turning back. I don’t save wealth and then cry. The money will stop leaving as soon as you start carrying the jewelry with you .” Carry the enchanted item with you more often, especially if you are going to visit stores or exhibitions.


Virgos often block money energy, refusing to spend money and wanting to save it. You can stop financial failures in the following way: put a yellow coin in your pocket and carry it all day, constantly touching it and saying the words of the conspiracy to yourself. At home, hold the coin in your hand and say the spell out loud:

“The money lay there, dimmed, lost value. I’ll find the coins, remove the dirt from them, and put them back into circulation. ” With the help of this conspiracy, you will be able to part with money more calmly, knowing that you are spending and investing it for a reason.


Libras are often prevented from solving financial problems by suspiciousness and lengthy decision-making. As a result, they often miss out on great deals. This state of affairs can be corrected with the help of an effective conspiracy.

During the period when the Moon is in its waxing phase, put a five-ruble coin in your left shoe and walk like that all day.

In the evening, before entering the apartment, say: “Money walked with me, we saw all the paths. I’ll step over the threshold, I’ll take the money luck with me

Leave the nickel as a talisman and carry it with you more often, especially if you have transactions or expenses coming up.


Scorpios often part with money thoughtlessly, investing it in risky ventures. A conspiracy will help eliminate the outflow of finances:

“Money goes to money, but it comes back to me. Not a single penny will leave the account without asking, not a single penny will fall into the hands of any deceiver.” Say this spell every time you are going to invest your savings or give them to unfamiliar people.


Sagittarians are prevented from earning money by their restlessness. They are used to being on the move, so they often refuse positions in which they need to be “tied to a place.” You can get rid of problems with earnings if you say the following:

“I’m chasing money, I can’t catch the train, the plane is leaving without me. As soon as I find the treasured coin, I’ll be in time everywhere. ” Find a coin when you go outside and carry it with you. She will attract monetary abundance to you.


Capricorns may feel stagnation in monetary energy if they refuse leadership positions and responsibility.

You can earn authority for yourself and not hesitate before a new position if, before making a responsible decision, you say: “ How many roads are untrodden, How many paths are unexplored.” I will go through each one and at the end, I will find my riches. ” The plot will help you gain confidence in your abilities.


Representatives of this Sign do not know how to save, so they often get into debt and loans. An effective conspiracy will help you prevent another monetary bondage. As soon as you decide that you need another large amount, say:

“ As much is earned, so much is spent. I don’t buy unnecessary things, I save money, I don’t get into debt, I attract finance” The conspiracy of our ancestors will help you give up impulsive behavior and not spend money on unnecessary purchases at the moment.


Pisces are capable of donating large sums for the benefit of their neighbors but often devalue their own needs. This is how they block money energy because finances do not go into the hands of those who do not know how to value them.

During the waxing of the Moon, Pisces should put a coin in a glass of water, place it on the windowsill, and say:

“ Water washes away everything bad, deprives me of poverty, adds money and intelligence. Just as the water from a glass evaporates, so my problems are destined to be solved. ” Do not pour too much water into the glass, because the sooner it disappears, the sooner you will stop experiencing financial difficulties.

Remember that money loves brave and self-confident people. Don’t be afraid of difficulties and be sure to try to find new ways to earn extra money. As soon as you stop focusing on failures, fate will stop testing your strength.

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