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From today, the difficult moment of the Moon ends. Just when it seemed unimaginable, the most tiring circumstances will transform for the better. As relations with relatives intensify, you may hear some pretty good news about an essential family fact.


For you Torelli, a disharmonious position of our satellite is taking place… If there are problematic situations, don’t be intimidated: everything will be easier in a short time. Your ideas for countering when you see circumstances that disagree with you will be overblown today!


For you Geminis, the Moon passes through the House of daily life, starting with the day of relaxation. The people who frequent you will find you elegantly focused on details and everything will go along in a pleasant way for you, even for what concerns the most boring activities.


With the help of your cunning, you’ll be ready to attract the attention of a person you know little… but who you start to like massively. For you Cancerians, there’s a handy aspect to the night star, from this last (but glorious) weekend day.


In the middle of the month, for Leo, the nocturnal star is – unfortunately – in a disharmonious position. Family members will find you a little less reassuring than the municipality since they have realized that lately, you have been pushing your luck on an ongoing basis. Reassure those who care about you!


Cunning allows you to achieve goals that for others are not even thinkable! There is an easy Moon aspect for you Virgos starting this last day of the weekend. You will be more pleasant than normal and this awareness will benefit you…


Don’t let laziness keep you from taking advantage of the safe possibilities that appear. For Libra, the nocturnal star passes through the House of Money this Sunday… In the economic field, we see the opportunity for a new adventure with someone you didn’t expect!


The Moon transits in pleasant conjunction, starting from the day of relaxation! In all areas of existence, and especially those related to love, there is the chance to give birth to something relevant. At this stage, it will be useful to take advantage of what happens to you without too much fear.


Starting today, our satellite passes through the astrological house of hidden enemies, for you Sagittarius… There may be some problems falling asleep. Don’t put yourself through too much effort! Even if there are people who don’t side with you, you will accomplish great things.


As far as Capricorns are concerned, the nocturnal star is in an advantageous moment, starting from this day of rest. You can conquer a position of prosperity, with those who interest you, thanks to your propitious way of placing yourself. In the middle of the month, take advantage of your ingenuity!


On the day dedicated to relaxation, the uncomfortable position of our satellite starts. For you to look as intriguing as you expect, less bullying is needed! Since you demand to tempt fate, the people you care about will find you less than comforting. Take your time, you will go far!


In the middle of the month, a pleasant position of the Moon starts for you Pisces. Your ingenuity, which makes it possible for you to stand out in this phase, allows you to achieve all the objectives that have seemed somehow precluded to you lately. There is a new desire to do!

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