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Christmas Day Horoscope: December 24th Predictions For All Astrological Signs

“Jingle bells” Santa Claus is about to enter your chimney, but what is happening on Earth in the meantime? We asked the stars to find out what your New Year’s Eve party would look like. Discover your horoscope.

The long-awaited or dreaded moment – it’s your choice – has finally arrived. The Christmas bells are about to ring, the guinea fowl will soon be put in the oven and the family reunion will begin. Whether it’s a pure moment of pleasure or a ticking time bomb, December 24 is always an important milestone of the year. So, to help you make the most of this magical meeting, we studied the sky. What do the stars have in store for you? What energies will be present when you unwrap your gifts? Headaches or gentleness and kisses by the thousands? Here’s what you can expect.


Chiron sits above your head. Like a gentle protector, the asteroid will help you heal your wounds. Maybe it’s time to forgive Uncle Jacques or Grandma Suzette for their derogatory comments about your outfit if it was four years ago. The time has come to make peace with those around you. Tensions ease. Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius invite you to have constructive discussions with those close to you. And if nothing goes as planned, they offer you an extraordinary sense of repartee so you can shut up your cousin.


Your popularity is skyrocketing. This year, you are approaching the holidays with great enthusiasm. For what? The alignment of the Sun (energy) with Jupiter (luck) helps you find the formula that finally suits you. You ignore worries to focus on the good vibes. The opportunity to show how generous you can be with those you love. Gifts by the thousands and dishes piling up at your table. You will simply have to be careful not to give in to all the excesses. Taurus is greedy, we know it! Don’t get indigestion, there will be more leftovers tomorrow, I promise.


The Moon in your sign gives you a desire for freedom. It’s time to celebrate and you intend to do everything you can to enjoy the end-of-year meetings. However, your need for independence could give rise to some tensions with those around you. If the clash is not far away, it will be wise to be patient and accept criticism (when it is constructive). The alliance formed by the Moon and Pluto will help you put things into perspective. Family reunions are never easy. Fortunately, this only lasts for a while.


Venus in transit with your friend, Scorpio brings you a little sweetness. Your heart is light at the idea of ​​finding yourself surrounded by the people you love. The bursts of romance and the little touches take over and make you forget everyday life. Take advantage of this climate to remind your loved ones how much you care about them. There is no doubt that your generosity will be rewarded. In short, life is good in your world. Savor these sweet moments spent together.


Mars and Mercury meet up with your friend Sagittarius. If the first endows you with energy that is difficult to channel, the second, currently in retrograde, reminds you how words can carry great weight. Be careful not to start quickly, take the time to think carefully to avoid the atmosphere becoming too electric. If passion takes you away, take the time to breathe between two courses before returning to battle!


The part of fortune visits you. Little known, this astrological element is a harbinger of abundance. Money, gifts, compliments. Put whatever you want behind this term, but just enjoy the fact that your loved ones might just spoil you this Christmas. It is good to live in your environment. Luck smiles on you, relationships are going well. The asteroid Juno (marriage) is also in the party. It announces a certain harmony and softness within your home. Everyone knows what they have to do, the organization is well-established. Now that all the table plan is drawn up, all that remains is to relax.


Your lucky planet is in a water sign. It’s not your cup of tea. Suffice it to say that the profusion of feelings and the toasts of love is not your priority at the moment. You don’t have the head for nice declarations. Fortunately, Mars in Sagittarius boosts your morale. You will find the strength within yourself to succeed in showing yourself present. Fully embrace your desire to do things differently and your need for change. You might be surprised at the reception your projects might receive. The 24th is a perfect time to take the pressure off with those you love. Try it, you’ll see.


Venus in your sky brings out all the charm that lies dormant within you. You find yourself in the spotlight and receive a myriad of little touches that will warm your heart. For two, romance invites itself to the party. As a family, reunions are sweet. Revel in these precious moments to let go. The situation is ideal. No matter what you put on your list for Santa, there’s a good chance it’ll all end up under the tree.


You are full of energy and activate “Fast & Furious” mode. This December 24, the stars align to give you something to respond to. This year again, you will be the one we can count on to set the mood. Your role? Manage the entertainment and ensure that everyone is having as much fun as you are. The presence of Mercury, although in retrograde, in your sky, is ideal for helping you communicate. You start debates and make jokes. In short, you relax the atmosphere. Thank you for being here!


The Sun has just arrived at your home. It’s your birthday time, the opportunity to celebrate twice with your loved ones. You benefit from cosmic grace. This December 24, the stars are aligning to make you experience beautiful moments. The exchanges are fluid, light, and sometimes even constructive. If there were family matters to resolve, now is a good time to tackle the problems head-on, while being careful not to rush those around you. Jupiter forms a beautiful alliance with the star of light. This means luck is on your side. It’s perfect for making your wishes, sending your messages, or simply enjoying a beautiful evening.


The climate is a bit intense. Tired of the last moments that have just passed, you tend to lose patience quickly. Don’t panic though. If you want to avoid outpourings, it is better to take a step back. Take a step aside, listen to others, and don’t get into useless debates that you know are lost in advance. Heaven advises you to weigh your words, to think, and to be a little more flexible. In short: it’s time to relax.


Saturn in your sky gives you a sense of responsibility. You are ready to fully assume your role as a big sister, auntie cake, or mother hen. You stop at nothing to care for and protect others. By finding your loved ones, you also reconnect with love, sisterhood, and gentleness. Venus in Scorpio, a friendly sign, brings hearts together. The evening promises to be full of wonderful surprises, all tinged with a lot of kindness. We love each other and we tell each other so. We share the same desires and we take the time to appreciate these delicate moments together.

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