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Crazy Empress: How Zodiac Signs Behave At Parties

The weather whispers that it would be nice to take a couple of drops of intoxicating drink. and on this occasion, we tell you how zodiac signs behave at parties.


Begins an internal battle between Alcohol and Common Sense. True, by the time common sense is ready to fail, alcohol usually runs out. Party too.


He moves from one company to another, recruiting associates: “Let’s include Buzova! Let’s pour absinthe into Capricorn’s beer! So are we going to karaoke or weak?


There are three stages in succession: “I drank wine and laughed,” “I drank wine and cried,” and “The Fish drank wine, but for some reason, everyone else cried.”


He performs in the role of toastmaster, accordion player, and Pavel Volya all rolled into one. Fortunately, this activity can always be neutralized in two ways: 1 – make Aries drink Tequila Boom. 2 – set Aquarius against Aries.


He is very afraid of accidentally drinking too much alcohol and losing what remains of his reputation, so he throws himself heartily in the first half hour. After all, alcohol, as you know, best dulls fear!


She turns on the “crazy empress” mode: knocks back four Margaritas, dances on the table, seduces the DJ, immediately rejects him, and, with a sense of accomplishment, goes into the kitchen to drink with Virgo and listen to Letov.


Having fun with all his heart: he steals a bottle of dry white wine from the table, sits down in the darkest corner and gloatingly watches how decent-looking people gradually lose the remnants of their dignity.


The only zodiac sign that comes to parties to drink, chat, dance, and show off a new dress. A boring guest, in general!


He opens a psychotherapy office voluntarily: as soon as Virgo goes into the kitchen to drink water, a line of sufferers line up there, eager to cry, get advice, and be held in their arms.


Does charity: flirts with a nerd extinguishes creative tantrums, holds the hair of everyone who is sick.


He chooses a victim, insidiously solders him, incites him to perform heroic deeds, takes out his phone, and shoots a video. In the morning, the Scorpio victim is overtaken by a hangover, remorse, and 100,500 views of the feat on YouTube.


He searches and, characteristically, finds the love of his life. Secluded with the love of his life. He leaves for another party because fresh, unafraid candidates for the love of his life were brought there.

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