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Daily Horoscope 12th November 2023


The events of this day can set Aries up for difficult work, push them to an adventurous adventure, or lead them to take an unsafe step. Many Aries will be prone to recklessness; for the sake of thrills, they may forget about the instinct of self-preservation. By their actions, they can both prevent and create a crisis in their lives. Also today, sensuality may increase or intuition may sharpen.


On this day, Taurus will have a hard time if they are ambitious, consider themselves authorities and representatives of collective progressive ideas, are not indifferent to their reputation, and at the same time deal with other people. They can be reminded of themselves by either a strong ally or an insidious, energetic competitor. The stars advise you to be careful, value partnership and not bring a dangerous confrontation to a critical phase.


Today Gemini should be more diligent, but also more careful. This day can add hassle, worry, and risks, and create critical emergencies. At the same time, something important may depend on the outcome of today’s efforts: career, earnings, health, relationships with an assistant or subordinate. Possible test of skill or resourcefulness. Some Geminis will have to devote themselves to a pet.


This day is significant for the personal lives of dancers, as well as for their plans in those areas where they want to apply their talents and express themselves. This area could be business, sports, interaction with children, or an extreme hobby. Minimal success today comes from energy and creativity, but super-achievement requires an additional stimulus, such as stress or friendly competition.


Today, the stars advise Leos to focus on the most important event in their current affairs and try to choose the most constructive line of behavior possible. For many Leos, the field of action and the reason for self-expression will be household chores or business; it will be important for them to prove themselves as the masters of their territory or “pride”. You may have to face competition or defend your holdings.


Today, the stars advise Virgos not to abandon their plans, but to prepare for adventures during their implementation. Fateful encounters, surprises, or discoveries are possible on any route. When troubles arise, it is important to remember that any problem can be solved if you are persistent. Of particular importance may be a car or other transport, the person of the driver, interlocutor, fellow traveler, or neighbor.


Today Libra should be more careful if they are concerned about the state of their personal or joint resources, as well as their credit history, mortgage, friendly loan, major purchase, sale or investment, and interaction with the tax office, lender, or sponsor. A critical event may be brewing, closing an old page in these areas, or opening a new one. There may be a temptation for a financial adventure.


This is an extremely important day for Scorpios. It allows them to naturally express their individuality and encourages them to act very boldly, challenging authority or the team. Much will depend on their temperament: rebel Scorpios will receive freedom, and restrained Scorpios will be able to decide on what they deny themselves. Both of them need to think about the consequences of their ardor.


This day promises additional worries and worries for Sagittarius. Many Sagittarius will not want to remain detached observers of events, but the stars advise them not to advertise their activity and remain behind the scenes: this is not a period in life when it is worth clearly emphasizing their capabilities. Some Sagittarius may have a secret mentee, distant friend, or “puppeteer” who directs their actions.


Today Capricorns can rely on their own or collective instinct. Any events brewing on this day may turn out to be fateful. Often they will contain one or another important subtext that needs to be deciphered to understand the signs of fate. The person of a friend or patron can be of great importance. Some Capricorns themselves will be able to become unspoken authorities in their group.


Aquarians should not take the events of this day lightly: they can affect their plans, their career positions, personal status in the group, or other key areas of life. If possible, it is better to avoid sharp clashes today. It is worth looking for a balance between your fundamental values ​​and the requirements of a significant person, for example, a landlord or employer.


The events of this day will help Pisces decide on their plans and ideals, and, if necessary, gain courage for a specific step. For many Pisces, the position of an authoritative person will be of particular importance. The person of a teacher, a doctor, a distant friend, a foreign partner, or a travel companion may become important. Along with practical issues, spiritual values ​​will be touched upon.

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