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Today’s Horoscope 18th March 2023


If you are single, it is the right day to show off. The Moon is in comfortable transit, for your Fire sign, today… Your way of dressing can be more risky than usual: your way of doing is up to par and you turn a lot of heads! Your speeches are passionate.


For your Earth sign, a disharmonious position of the nocturnal star continues on this weekend day! It will be a Sunday of potential discussions with those who would like you to take a more determined position toward an issue close to their heart.


There continues a period where you can convince people that your ideas are the best and bring the greatest benefits. On this first day of the weekend, for you Geminis, a pleasant disposition of the nocturnal star persists! In love, you will once again be the leader of the relationship.


On this first day of the weekend, the nocturnal star is always in the field of renewal, for Cancer! Do you want to do something different than usual? Why don’t you take better care of your body? even light physical activity (like a walk) will do you great.


It is not easy for you to understand the attitude of a person who, in certain circumstances, appears very close to you, only to then disappear for long periods. Be more empathetic! On this weekend day, an uncomfortable disposition of the Moon continues, for your Fire sign…


It’s a time when you feel like doing. If there is a project that has always seemed complex to you, from today you will have better ideas to carry it out with satisfaction. On this first day of the weekend, the Moon is in the astrological House of Impetus, for your Earth sign…


A period continues in which it is natural for you to appear charming. On this weekend day, the Moon is in a pleasant moment for you Libras. There will be other moments in which to rest from the working week: this is the day to devote yourself to public relations!


For your Water sign, there is an awkward position of the night star on this weekend day. If you think of taking an important action, which you haven’t carefully weighed, take a break to breathe and wait at least until tomorrow before acting…


You will be very open to a person who has made a mistake but who will be able to acknowledge his mistake with you. This Saturday, there is a comfortable disposition of the nocturnal star for Sagittarius… You will be tireless in search of new emotions together.


The people you like best will think that you can talk about everything, and they will tell you something interesting that you didn’t suspect. For Capricorn, the Moon is in the house of material goods, on the day favorable to your sign. The news you receive helps you.


It is a time when energies are evident. On the day favorable for your sign, followed by a serene conjunction of the night star, for Aquarius! Anyone who has recently been lazy has all the cards on the table to start a new physical activity, alone or in the gym.


Although spring is on its way, watch out for possible strains in your calves and ankles if you play sports or walk (especially outdoors). Stretching is your friend. The nocturnal star passes, for you Pisces, in the House of secret enemies, on this first day of the weekend.

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