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Daily Horoscope 20th December 2023


Today Aries should pay attention to their professional official contacts, as well as to the state of documents, especially final and reporting documents. Do not proceed blindly without information or permission. The day may begin with a notification, a meeting, clarifying plans, checking options, communicating with superiors, or some service. A visit to the facility may be required.


Taurus should take into account the peculiarities of this day: it can incline them to hasty reactions and irrational thinking, leaving no room for thoughtful judgments and informed decisions. It is for this reason that targeted trips and substantive conversations may not be very successful. The stars advise choosing a temporary compromise in any situation, leaving yourself time for further reflection or checking.


Today Gemini has options for action, but many of them will be held back by something. Perhaps it will be a completely justified caution or mistrust, a lack of accurate information or ideally executed documents, malaise, or fear of finding yourself at a crossroads at the wrong moment. Many Geminis will benefit from waiting, watching, and weighing their options rather than taking action.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to act more carefully, avoiding familiar traps and leaving themselves a legitimate alternative in any situation. Having made a final choice, for example, by putting your signature on an agreement, there is a risk of finding yourself in a dual role (or remaining in it, despite attempts to get out of it). It would not be superfluous to take an extremely diplomatic and prudent position in personal and business conversations.


Today, the stars advise Leos not to stop in front of emerging obstacles, as they are not fatal. At the same time, you should not count on a smooth path: some or other obstacles are possible, especially on the road and in legal matters. Misunderstandings cannot be ruled out due to an outdated document (report, pass, certificate) or unclear wording in the contract. Some of the little things will take time to sort out.


The stars tell Virgos that today it is advisable for them to think quickly and act flexibly. At the same time, you should not take too many risks and be careless. It is important to remember that now is not the time for final decisions. The best way out of today’s crises is to reach a quick, temporary compromise. A sense of humor, valuable experience, or professional competence may come in handy.


Today, the stars do not advise Libra to shy away from an invitation to dialogue, be it a conversation with a loved one or a business meeting. Perhaps an important issue related to housing or other valuable resource will be resolved. You should not expect perfect mutual understanding and unambiguous opinions: most likely, both sides will continue to hesitate and additional agreements will still be required.


Today, certain little things await the attention of Scorpios: until they are resolved, further progress is in question and the implementation of the plan is fraught with obstacles. There may be failures along the way, delays in work, errors in documents, disputes with colleagues or subordinates, and hitches when contacting the necessary services. Additional meetings, information searches, duplicate documents, and repeated business trips may be required.


This day partially returns energy to Sagittarius, but their impulses can give half-hearted results. Perhaps the reason will be informational or financial delays. Many Sagittarius will find themselves in a temporary dead end, in doubt about their resources or future status. The stars advise not to waste your energy, but to choose the simplest one from the currently available options and follow it.


Today, Capricorns face a pressing task that requires sociability, awareness, or the ability to work with information. Perhaps they have a short brainstorming session, a trip, working with a text or document, a conversation with family members, or a professional meeting. It is hardly possible yet to put an end to the question and make a choice: most likely, additional thoughts or research will be needed.


Today Aquarius has the opportunity to find useful additional information. Misfires during travel, contacts, and information searches should not be considered as unambiguous failures: now this is an opportunity to discover a hidden error, update old data, expand the list of options to choose from, and clarify the route or method of communication. Perhaps it makes sense to work with documents and consult archives.


Today, Pisces will benefit from attentiveness in every detail. In particular, the stars advise not to give in to impulse in financial matters, in the process of choosing purchases, completing transactions, and repaying debts. It is better not to rush into new plans in this area, including opening accounts and deposits: there is a risk of finding yourself in an ambiguous situation, purchasing an outdated product, or concluding an agreement according to an outdated scheme.

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