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Daily Horoscope 22nd October 2023


Today Aries should control their emotions and choose the right course of action so as not to make a fatal mistake. This day may require harsh words, decisive actions, and bold experiments, but it is better not to walk on the edge of the abyss without a good reason, so as not to add problems to yourself in the future. It is worthwhile to conduct business more carefully, taking into account all its risks, and not spoil relationships with friends.


Today is one of those days when Taurus should not make plans in advance: events will probably begin to unfold out of schedule and will make them nervous. Both partners and rivals begin to behave more actively and can provoke with actions or words. The stars advise responding to other people’s maneuvers as carefully as possible, otherwise, the likelihood of aggravating competition or ideological confrontation increases.


Today, Gemini will find it difficult to maintain a foothold in the changed circumstances. Many representatives of the sign will have a new topic for communication; a period of business bustle, business trips, visits to services, intensive treatment, repair, or cleaning work will appear. Urgent news from the office environment, from assistants, or distant friends is possible. Gemini, who keeps a pet, will have more trouble.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to take precautions so that unexpected events do not play a bad joke on them. At the same time, you can consider the surprises of this day as a breeding ground for fresh creative thoughts that can be gleaned from friends or colleagues on the issue. It is worth remembering that these days only unsafe experimental ideas come that need to be “tested”.


Today Lviv is waiting for news or unexpected plot twists. Many Leos have to simultaneously monitor external events (for example, the mood among friends) and delve into the tense situation in their private lives. There may be a new topic for discussion in the family, a reason for intense meetings and work in the home or business. Against the backdrop of growing pressures, acute disputes will become more frequent.


Virgos today should not rely on a traditional schedule. This day can bring news, add fuss, and make you more sociable and active. A cycle of contacts or travel may be brewing. Against this background, instead of routine, you will have to do a difficult or unusual task. You may have to think about repairs or upgrades and change your route, tools, work methods, vehicle, or type of communication.


In the morning, Libra may face a dead end or failure. But during the day, a new development of events will indicate to them the further direction of thoughts and actions, and will also hint where there is room for experiment. It will be useful for many Libras to rethink their financial situation and relationships with friends, to assess the scale of dependence on other people’s or joint funds. A meeting may be held on the topics of loans or general assets.


This day gives Scorpios a new impetus for thought and action, it can make them more contactable or give them a reason for bold statements. Some Scorpios today are not averse to initiating a heated debate on a topic that worries them. The stars advise you to be as careful as possible: the outcome of any impulse is unpredictable and fraught with problems in the future. In particular, you should choose your tone when arguing with family members and friends.


Today news is important for Sagittarius; they should maintain contact with friends and monitor the information background. This day will not be without a surprise. There may be a series of forced trips along unsafe experimental routes or conversations over non-standard communication lines, an upgrade of a computer or a familiar vehicle may be due. There may be adventures and complications along the way.


Today is a dead-end moment for Capricorns – early morning. The further development of events may not be the easiest or most predictable, but a lot will begin to depend on the readiness for innovation and experimentation. Many Capricorns will be helped by news from friends to orient themselves promptly. On this day you should not make purchases or start any business: there is a high probability of surprises, nervousness, and losses.


This day will add nervousness to Aquarius and may prompt them to take actions that are poorly compatible with their true goals. Beginnings today are not only risky and unpredictable but also unsafe. Giving in to impulse, it is easy to lay the foundation for a chain of future unpleasant events that will begin to repeat with annoying regularity. Possible news about work. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to follow the news, including those coming from afar: they can not only confirm what was already known before but also add fresh details to old data. Perhaps the order of communication with distant friends will change or a series of contacts abroad will be outlined. Of particular interest may be information about routes, communications, and computer programs.

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