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Daily Horoscope 26th November 2023


Aries should remember that this day is conducive to inertia. Both Aries themselves and the people around them may not be ready for stress and sudden changes in the situation. It is advisable to postpone all labor-intensive undertakings until tomorrow – especially if they are related to movement and require mobility, sociability, and flexibility. Today is a good day to rest, do simple things, or replenish your energy with food.


Taurus can remain prisoners of their own whims or original needs until nightfall. During the day, sudden mood swings or obsession with one desire are possible, for the sake of which everything else will be forgotten. It is better to spend these days in free mode. You can pay tribute to your spiritual life or your social interests, and chat with friends or students in an informal setting.


Today, Gemini should refrain from active actions: they or those people with whom their hopes are connected, for example, prospective travel companions, interlocutors, or business partners, are not ready for them. Also, many Geminis on this day will not be ready for competition and heated discussion. It is better not to advertise your intentions on this day. It doesn’t hurt to make sure you have reliable friends behind you.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to choose free activities, but not to forget about possible benefits and try to go to places where there is a chance to get it. During the day, unexpected finds and amazing gifts of fate are possible. This is a good day for friendly meetings in an informal atmosphere: communication with proven like-minded people is an excellent way to maintain optimism when looking into the future.


Today, the stars advise Leos to remain purposeful pragmatists but to leave room in their plans for change and free improvisation. The day is suitable for group events. When managing resources, it is important to invest some part of them in the future, for example, in the development of friendly ties, advanced projects or advanced technologies, staff renewal, or production modernization.


Today, circumstances remain favorable for Virgos and the stars advise making the best of them. Do not be afraid of an unforeseen turn of events: it will turn out for the better. The day helps to strengthen oneself in one’s hard-won ideals, but also to partially adapt to other people’s views or establish oneself in a niche occupied far from home. This is the right moment for informal communication with distant friends.


Today, the stars do not recommend Libra to start important matters, especially those that require material investments. The day can bring unexpected benefits where the ground has already been created, for example, there is capital, like-minded people, proven investors, or reliable financial schemes. It is advisable to hold off on this day from going on the road, active communication, and starting school. You shouldn’t make new friends.


The day will show Scorpios how well they get along with their interest group. Scorpios who are not concerned about issues of their external socialization should pay attention to their contacts with family members and close old friends: it is possible that in some ways the relationship with them is changing and what once united becomes a reason for disagreement. It is important to maintain relationships with those who are respected and dear.


On this day, Sagittarius needs to be prepared for a surprise, for example, a deviation from the work schedule, the whim of their pets, and the unexpected actions of friends, neighbors, and subordinates. During the day, gastronomic whims, incidents with medications, unforeseen situations in connection with work, finances, and computer support are possible. The topic of the day may be impending changes and associated innovations.


The stars tell Capricorns that today the best choice for them would be free activity or relaxation in a familiar style. You can devote time to children, a loved one, a hobby, or a creative project, but it is better not to plan anything in advance and just follow the circumstances. For good health, it is important to maintain an invisible connection with your spirituality, friends, and hard-won ideals.


This day can bring excitement and some discomfort to Aquarius – especially if they have a large family or guests in the house. There is a risk of facing the consequences of your habits, views, and experiments. It is advisable to take disagreements with family members and old friends more seriously: if you leave a long-standing dispute open, it may soon gain momentum. You should not make decisions related to housing.


Today, Pisces may not be afraid of new loads, but they are quite possible shortly, for example, in connection with an important planned step. The day is good for taking a break from work and relaxing, but you shouldn’t relax completely. It’s time to stock up on a source of spiritual support that will help you out during a stressful period. It may be worth talking to old friends or colleagues about problems.

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