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Daily Horoscope 26th October 2023

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In the first half of this day, the stars advise Aries to rest or wait. Attempts to take on a specific task, especially a new one, at this time may encounter external or internal obstacles. You can use your free hours to daydream or sleep. The second half of the day will add energy, but it is advisable to direct it only to solving individual problems, avoiding systemic undertakings.


In the first half of the day, Taurus can obey their intuition or listen to the “collective mind” in their decisions. Dreams and ideals at this time may be more important than specifics. The second half of the day, on the contrary, will force them to be less in the clouds and more quickly respond to signals in real-time. The best tactics will be attention to immediate tasks and a willingness to act according to the situation.


Today, the stars do not advise Gemini to engage in serious long-term planning or an important task. These days it is difficult to focus on one goal for a long time; problems with discipline or confidence are possible. The first half of this day is conducive to illusions, daydreaming, or absent-mindedness. In the afternoon, a sudden surge of energy may be accompanied by contradictions and hesitations.


For Cancers, this day will begin with a moment of freedom, if not external, then internal. The first half of the day can be devoted to dreams, spiritual life, or relaxation. It is better to avoid new beginnings and physical overload. The second half of the day will force many Cancers to become more efficient. To get what they want, they will have to postpone their measured planned activities for the sake of some momentary targeted maneuver.


At the beginning of this day, many Leos will be influenced by emotions and suspiciousness or will find themselves in a potentially problematic situation for themselves. To avoid unnecessary difficulties and disappointments, the stars advise them to get down to business in the afternoon. At this time, suggestibility and dependence on experiences will decrease, the view of many things will become a little simpler, and spontaneous energy will appear for current affairs.


The stars tell Virgos that today it is better for them to postpone important events and choose tactics in their current affairs based on the situation. In the first half of the day, there is a risk of finding yourself in a vacuum or the center of intrigue, facing passivity, or the absence of the right people. The second half of the day will require a prompt response to an urgent signal; there may be no time for complex long-term plans.

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Today the stars do not advise Libra to plan activities for the first half of the day. For many Libras, it will be a period of weakness, doubt, or eventual stagnation, as well as one or another dependence, for example, on well-being. The second half of the day promises signals from the right people but does not guarantee their unambiguous and consistent behavior. You should not rely entirely on a partner or intermediary.


In the first half of this day, Scorpios should find time to rest: the work they have started will proceed by inertia, and new worries in the morning are unlikely. For the most active representatives of the sign, relaxation can be their favorite activity, to which they devote themselves without reserve, and in this case, the stars advise not to overwork. The second half of the day can add more hassle and force you to adapt to the demands of the moment.


The first half of this day may not be very favorable for Sagittarius in terms of external productivity and not very comfortable psychologically. The emotional reaction to yesterday’s events will not always be positive: despondency or moral burnout, a desire to forget or be left completely alone for a while, cannot be ruled out. Fortunately, the second half of the day will bring a more cheerful mood.


In the first half of the day, the stars advise Capricorns to rest or do the simplest things. At the same time, it is worth taking care of internal mental stability and cutting off traces of recent negative emotions. The second half of the day can bring simple, but sometimes tedious chores, for example, household chores. Problems with attention and endurance are possible. It is better to split any task into small steps.


In the first half of the day, the stars advise Aquarius to be careful and careful in all matters, including money. At this time, there is a high probability of confusion and absent-mindedness. If possible, it is better to postpone purchases and important decisions. The second half of the day will add vigor, invite you to change the direction of thoughts or movements, take care of current affairs, communicate with your surroundings, or physically stretch.


Pisces should start this day by taking care of their own needs, and intuition will tell you which ones. In the morning, personal habits, secrets, or weaknesses may remind you; a wise decision would be to rest or slowly get back to work. In the afternoon, you will have to pick up the pace a little or speed up your reaction to what is happening, but you should beware of unnecessary fuss and haste to avoid misunderstandings.

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