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Daily Horoscope 20th October 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to put duty and responsibility, profession and career, work and (or) earnings first. This day promises a good return, if you are more practical, do not be afraid of complex tasks and avoid critical topics. If there are certain debts from the past, it is better to focus on their complete closure. One of the conditions for success on this day may be maintaining secrecy.


This is a good day for Taurus. Many representatives of the sign have a chance to advance in several directions at once, for example, to succeed in business and enjoy the pleasant aspects of their personal life. There is hope for successful deals, preferential terms, or other gifts of fate. A successful resolution of a legal incident, clarification of the situation abroad, or in relations with foreigners is possible.


The stars tell Gemini that today there is an opportunity to successfully resolve some critical old issues and even receive unexpected benefits. However, this requires an impeccable background, for example, a credit reputation. Also, complete carelessness is not recommended on this day, since there is some treachery hidden in the situation. Even if everything goes well, it is better not to let your guard down.


Today, Cancers should not fear other people’s cunning and hostility. The day helps to soften contradictions and find points of intersection of interests for the future. It may be possible to get along based on mutual sympathy, common beliefs, or material needs. But you shouldn’t relax completely: it is possible that at the last moment a critical nuance will be missed or the interlocutor’s mood will suddenly deteriorate.


Today the stars advise Leos to become more practical and tune in to work. This is a day of good luck, which will not come just like that; you will have to work hard for it. If one or another gift of fate “fell from the sky”, you will have to work on it, for example, correctly manage the funds received as part of targeted financing. You should not lose sight of critical details, they are the ones that can spoil the fruits of your efforts.


Today the stars promise Virgos good luck, but warn that in any “barrel of honey,” there may be a “fly in the ointment”. A favorable combination of circumstances can be overshadowed by material details, for example, errors in a financial agreement. However, this is a good day and it is important to take advantage of the gift of fortune, even if not everything is perfect. Possible successes abroad, income from hobbies, happy moments in love.


Today, Libra may have home or work issues in the first place. Many Libras will be concerned about the material platform, the housing situation, maintaining order in the entrusted territory, or the mood in an environment close to them. The stars suggest that in the current situation, words must be supported by deeds. The more competently a business or household is run, the calmer the “weather in the house.”


This is a potentially successful day for Scorpios, but a little caution will still do them well, especially when traveling, in relationships with people and the law. An excellent basis for success in the personal and business sphere will often already be ready for representatives of this sign thanks to their past, for example, professional experience, established mutual sympathies, or friendship based on common material interests.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to be more pragmatic and remain realistic in any situation. For example, aiming for useful acquisitions, the final settlement of old debts, or the reasonable general management of your property. This is a good day for small and significant expenses. A material bonus is possible due to secret activities, position held, and friendship with subordinates or superiors.


Today the stars promise good luck to Capricorns. There is hope for a happy turn of events in financial matters, in love or creativity, in foreign projects. Thanks to the gifts of fortune or your talents, there is a chance to resolve several problems at once. But luck must not only be caught but also maintained. Sometimes it will be enough to remain silent, protect your secrets, or not brag about your happiness.


The stars tell Aquarius that today they may have more luck in practical matters. This may require a closed lifestyle or a secret maneuver, immersion in the material part of affairs, or household chores. Diligence will pay off by expanding the territory, strengthening the financial and property base or living conditions, improving health or additional protection of personal life “rear areas”.


This day will help Pisces to remain realistic and at the same time look more optimistically into the future, even against the backdrop of annoying delays. Many Pisces who are not very confident in themselves will find hope for success and the fulfillment of their desires thanks to other people, for example, a marriage partner, clients, neighbors, or colleagues. In order not to overshadow these promising profitable relationships, it is better not to aggravate the problems that exist in them.

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