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Daily Horoscope 28th November 2023


Today Aries will be helped by sociability and connections. Many Aries will find contacts abroad useful. Help is possible thanks to someone else’s sympathy or the support of a marriage partner. Another help in solving today’s problems can be existing knowledge, navigation, or driving skills. However, not all shortcomings will be eliminated, for example, the possibility of gossip, doubt, and confusion will remain.


Today, Taurus can count on a partial resolution of misunderstandings, but it still wouldn’t hurt for them to be on the alert: it is possible that some traps remained unrecognized or important details were forgotten, especially when contacting foreigners or out-of-towners. Several problems will be solved with the help of a temporary compromise. It doesn’t hurt to be careful when making payments and studying financial documents.


The stars tell Gemini that diplomacy and mutual sympathy will help extinguish the fire of dispute today. There is hope for reconciliation between lovers, spouses, and people with similar tastes. But this is not a guarantee of complete mutual understanding and trust. Vigilance is needed during an interview or conversation on an important topic: there may be an insidious question, hidden criticism or ridicule, or a veiled refusal.


In situations of this day, Cancers do not always have access to direct paths. You may have to resort to a compromise or workaround. It is better to avoid absent-mindedness so as not to miss a critical detail. Until the evening, there is a risk of getting lost, being late or forgetting something, or becoming a victim of rumors, incompetence, or hidden hostility from others. There may be gaps in education or errors in the work begun.


This day can bring Leo a share of uncertainty or disappointment, but compensates them for some of the disappointment with pleasant communication. Despite the lack of frankness on the part of the interlocutor, this is the right moment to maintain connections: they may be useful not only in the foreseeable future but also in the future. You can have a good time having a friendly conversation, exchanging guesses, or discussing rumors.


Today, Virgos can afford to be diplomats on certain issues – which does not equate to total softness, pliability, and gullibility. Compromise is inappropriate and unsafe when it comes to fundamental beliefs or core values, professional duty, family responsibility, home security, or long-term cooperation. Not a good day for an important undertaking or interview.


Today, Libra can soften any situation by demonstrating their charm, erudition, or sociability. Many Libras will benefit from foreign connections. Some problems will be resolved thanks to diplomacy or a sense of humor. Yet the task will not be completely solved; there will still be room for misconceptions, doubts, delays, or misunderstandings. Not the best day to draw up a document or start a trip.


Today, Scorpios have a chance to deftly get out of a chain of problems or find something good in a tense, confusing situation. The winners will be sociable and flexible Scorpios, who know how to adapt to circumstances and love to receive a variety of experiences to expand their horizons. The main problems of the day are an unclear information background and communication difficulties, especially with foreigners.


Today it is important for Sagittarius to find understanding from someone, especially if they made a mistake or suffered a disappointing defeat. Perhaps it will be a marriage partner, a loved one, or a person they like. If something unpleasant happens, it will be useful to distract yourself, such as going on a date or a party. It’s better not to find yourself in a place where you have to conduct a serious dialogue, lie, or make excuses.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to minimize their list of tasks and be more careful when completing them. The day can provoke absent-mindedness, increase doubts, or highlight incompetence. It’s easy to get lost and confused. May require attention to hygiene or safety, supervision of subordinates or medications, and supervision of a pet. Fellow travelers and colleagues will not always be honest.


Today, many problems for Aquarius have been mitigated. Even in an acute situation, they will still have the opportunity to set things right: to recoup in case of defeat, to restore rights in case of misunderstanding, to maintain hope for the future, and to make peace with a loved one. There is an opportunity to pour out experiences in literary or other creative work. But in some places, hiccups and vague plans may persist, for example, in financial matters.


Today Pisces will have to take into account the ambiguity of the information background and the power of their imagination. Until nightfall, objective assessments are difficult; doubts, misconceptions, moments of insincerity, mistakes, false orders and requests, and residual tension in communication are possible. It will be difficult to correctly interpret other people’s words and formulate your thoughts. There is no need to rush into explanation, justification, accusation, or promise.

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