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Today’s Horoscope 27th September 2023


Today the stars advise Aries to engage in secret or delicate matters, into which it is better not to involve a large number of people unnecessarily. Don’t be afraid to slow down the pace and pause partnership affairs if the moment demands it. You may need a place for solitary reflection, information searches, or private conversation. A good day to check your fears and suspicions.


Taurus today can experience a moment of despondency, clarifying prospects for the future since not all of their projects are developing at a brisk pace. You may have to accept objective delays, such as delays in trying to join a group or assembling your team, or delays in getting a plan approved or moving a project forward. It is important not to lose faith and optimism and discuss the situation with friends and colleagues.


Gemini today should not hope for complete freedom. The day may remind you of professional, family, or other debt, of a system of hidden control or mandatory checks, of the need for discipline or responsibility, and of the existence of long-term plans and delays in them. There may be obstacles when trying to hold a meeting, visit an institution, draw up a document, or contact management.


Today, professional, legal, moral, and ethical guidelines will be important for dancers. Guided by them, they will gain a foothold, become more patient, and be able to look forward calmly, even if the situation remains tense for them at the moment. The day is significant for those who study and travel. If news is delayed, especially from afar, you can keep up to date thanks to friends.


This day can make Lviv more susceptible, sentimental, or suspicious, instilling in them not the most optimistic thoughts and not the most harmonious feelings. At the same time, external circumstances may not be the best on this day. Perhaps doubts will intensify or the traps of the past will remind themselves. It is easy to make a mistake under the influence of the situation or your unstable mood.


Today Virgos will have to take into account the likelihood of temporary obstacles from the outside. This could be someone else’s silence or absence, lateness, refusal, delay, the need for verification or additional argumentation, or an emotional reason, for example, the bad mood of the interlocutor. You shouldn’t blame other people for this: they probably have an interest in feedback, but they are dependent on the circumstances.


On this day, Libra may temporarily lose heart, lose their energy, or face a forced hitch. You may need to remember your daily responsibilities or visit a doctor. Dependence on assistants is likely. You should not take the signs of illness lightly: it is possible that the illness tends to move into a latent chronic stage, and its treatment is a protracted process.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to obey their intuition and long-term plans more – especially when it comes to free professional activity, creativity, personal life, or responsibility for children, as well as plans for vacation or vacation. It’s worth listening to your inner voice if it pushes you towards solitude or advises you not to discard the idea of ​​some kind of private conversation.


Today, Sagittarius may be spoiled by the situation at home or in the office, delays in plans, or the presence of long-term limiting obligations. Perhaps living conditions or relationships with elders will upset you. The stars advise you to be patient and work hard on the task step by step. There may be another meeting on an unpleasant topic, work with a document, or a visit to an official institution.


Today, Capricorns can be strongly influenced by the situation in their environment. This could be the atmosphere at work, the mood of neighbors or fellow travelers. Against the backdrop of delayed or unclear news, intrigue may persist, and doubt or anxiety may grow. Negative emotions can be balanced with detached observation and constructive rational thinking. It is important not to lose hope and look for accurate data.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to be more economical and not to rush to manage their resources without first appreciating them. It may not be a good idea to throw away old items now that can last for a few more months or years. Purchases are undesirable, as they may have a hidden systemic flaw. Whatever you plan, it doesn’t hurt to clarify the details and collect feedback through open and secret channels.


Today, the strengths of Pisces may be professionalism, integrity, and restraint, while the weaknesses may be pessimism, chronic ailments, timidity in communication, excessive conservatism, and fear of criticism or rejection. Targeted dialogues are preferable in the evening. It is important not to be discouraged by inevitable delays, since in the long term they are beneficial: they help you not to rush, gain experience, and avoid making fatal mistakes.

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