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Discover The 3 Most False Signs Of The Zodiac

Not everyone is true and says things ahead. Know the signs that like to talk behind their back. Discover the 3 most false signs of the zodiac.

There are signs that, due to their characteristics and particularities, tend to be more intriguing or toxic. Although they can appear to be quite honest and frank, these signs are able to be quite covert and take on two faces, according to people and situations.

This attitude may not always have a bad intention, but it can often be a source of misunderstanding and disagreement. Whether it’s because you can’t keep a secret; or because you have an uncontrollable urge to speak, some signs even have a tendency to say bad things behind your back.

The British newspaper Metro chose the three most false signs of the Zodiac. Is yours on top? Or is there someone close to you represented on this list? Curious?

the zodiac

According to Western astrology, the Zodiac is a circumference with all the planets, distributed as they appeared at the time of the person’s birth. Then it is possible to draw the so-called astrological chart.

The circumference in question is divided into twelve zodiacal signs, namely: Aries/Aries, Taurus, Gemini/Gemini, Crab/Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra/Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these signs is ruled by a planet or star, namely: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, respectively.

Then there are also the zodiac houses, related to a given aspect of life and a sign. These houses represent the 24 hours of the day. So, to draw someone’s astrological chart, you need to know their time and place of birth. This allows identifying the rising sign, which also interferes with the person’s personality characteristics.

All the aforementioned elements can interfere and explain aspects of the individual’s life and personality, as well as the relationships between people.

Calendar of signs

Aries / Aries | March 21st to April 19th | Fire

Taurus | April 20th to May 20th | Earth

Gemini / Gemini | May 21st to June 20th | Air

Crab / Cancer | June 21st to July 22nd | Water

Lion | July 23rd to August 23rd | Fire

Virgo | August 24th to September 22nd | Earth

Scale / Pound | September 23 to October 22 | Air

Scorpio | October 23rd to November 21st | Water

Sagittarius | November 22nd to December 21st | Fire

Capricorn | December 22nd to January 19th | Earth

Aquarium | January 20th to February 19th | Air

Fishes | February 20th to March 20th | Water

Discover the 3 most false signs of the zodiac


Gemini/Gemini are all those born between May 21st and June 20th. This is an Air sign and the natives of twins/twins are known for their ease and love of communicating. However, often, the natives of this sign end up talking behind their backs and discussing with third parties issues related to other people and that do not directly concern them. Be careful…


Lion natives were born between July 23rd and August 23rd and this is a Fire sign. Lions are very observant and this makes them always aware of both positive and negative aspects of others.

Thus, they often collect information about others and share it with others, always behind their backs. Never forget: a lion is always vigilant…


Anyone born between September 23 and October 22 is Libra/libra, an Air sign. Libra/Pound natives don’t have the facility to keep secrets. So, as soon as they know something about someone, their most immediate tendency is to share that information behind their back. So, just in case, never share a secret with a scale/pound…

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