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Discover the 4 most lying Signs of the Zodiac

Is your sign among the most liars in the zodiac? Get to know. Discover the 4 most lying signs of the zodiac!

Lying is ugly and unethical behavior. However, there are little lies that we end up telling, often to protect people or to make life easier.

However, there seem to be signs that are more likely to resort to this strategy and that, therefore, we can consider the most liars in the horoscope. If it’s on the list, don’t be offended or offended. Basically, this just means that there are situations in which you prefer a pious lie to a hard and difficult truth.

Many of these signs are good friends, as they are able to help in more complicated times and when a little lie can even be the only possible escape.

Gemini / Gemini

The sign of Gemini/Twins is also known as the Illusionist, as it has great ability to create illusions and to add some imagination and creativity to facts. Your intelligence is also an ally when it comes to escaping a difficult situation.

Whenever they feel trapped, the Gemini/Gemini will use lying as a way to escape. As they do not appreciate compromises, they often find a way to escape these circumstances in lying, without hurting others.

In some cases, Gemini/Gemini may even believe the lie, so they can expect it to be told face to face, eye to eye.


Like the twins, Aquarians also find it easy to resort to a little lie, no matter how small. If twins don’t like to feel trapped, Aquarius natives love freedom. Therefore, whenever they feel the pressure of a commitment, they will tend to lie to get out of it as quickly as possible.

Lies can go through pretending that they forgot something they were committed to. Therefore, anyone who has close relationships with this sign, knows that the Aquarius can always invent a last-minute excuse to miss that meeting or that commitment they had agreed to.

Scale / Libra

The Libra/Libra natives are known to be fearful and insecure. This makes it possible for them to take a long time to make a decision, and when they do, they can regret it right away.

As they are also sensitive and do not want to hurt anyone, they always avoid the hardest truths and refuse invitations or requests. Therefore, when faced with these situations, they choose to lie. In addition, their more fearful and insecure profile makes the natives of Libra/Libra very afraid to face others and, therefore, they often shy away from giving their honest opinion. Therefore, anyone who has a relationship with a Libra/Libra never knows when he is telling the truth or hiding it behind a sweeter and more pleasant lie.


Sagittarians are passionate about freedom and like the truth. Well, that depends on the circumstances, of course. The natives of this sign like, above all, to evaluate situations well and try to make the most of them.

If the truth can harm them, then Sagittarians will find a way to solve this problem, resorting to lying if need be. They usually use small, harmless lies that they use to smooth out and alleviate situations. It is a sign known for its survival spirit and its ability to manage difficult contexts.

Anyone who has a relationship with a Sagittarius knows that they can be the victim of a little lie, but also benefit from it, as Sagittarius natives are also able to use the lie in favor of friends who are less agile in word games and managing the facts and the illusions.

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