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Which Character Of Margot Robbie Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Capricorn – Kayla, “Scandal”

Theoretically, you can try to break Capricorn’s career in different ways: blackmail and threats, betrayal and intrigue, conspiracies, direct wrecking, and even sexual harassment. In practice, you can try to break Capricorn’s career – if you plan to commit social suicide and spend the rest of your life in a trailer eating instant noodles. And that’s even better.

Aquarius – Annie/Bonnie, “Crazy”

Our Magic Ball does not understand what else can be added to the title of the film, but the editors ask. Therefore: a waitress who wants to be a hitman? Oh, nothing special, it’s just an ordinary Aquarius. It is not very clear, however, why these achievements are needed, because at the very beginning of the film, Annie kills her experienced competitor, thereby proving that she is already an experienced killer … But wait, what about a medal?

Pisces – Ann, “Z is for Zechariah”

If you ask Rybka how they see Paradise on Earth, they will answer “I am the only woman left in the world and all the goodies go to me alone.” This is what the movie is about. True, there are not enough surviving men, but Rybka will have enough: the main thing is that there is someone to appoint a duel for her hand and heart.

Aries – Tonya, “Tonya against everyone”

An epic drama about how Aries goes to success over other people’s heads, not shunning anything. Aries would be offended by us now if they weren’t Aries, of course, but they just nodded knowingly: it’s not bad that Tonya set up an attack on her rival, it’s bad that she was caught on this. Well, from the point of view of any normal Aries, for whom business and success are above all else.

Taurus – Naomi “The Wolf of Wall Street”

The first rule of Taurus: a man must be rich. The second rule of Taurus: this does not give him any privileges about the calf. That is, money by itself, but the post is still trying its best to make Taurus good. Why was he brought in?

Gemini – Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Twins around the world, we believe, should endure Margo’s collective gratitude for such an accurate embodiment of their image on the screen. To be honest, we don’t even know what else to add here – except that it would be nice for Gemini to dress like Harley. Well, so that we all have the opportunity to retreat in advance.

Cancer – Jane, Tarzan. Legend”

There is no other such woman in the horoscope who can find herself a natural monkey and make a decent person out of her. And after – the main thing! – to follow him into the jungle, because there again something happened. Amazing love for animals, agree!

Leo – “Barbie”

Ta-dam! Of course, the Lioness is the most popular and most beautiful doll in the world, in which everything is the best, the most luxurious, the most pink. It remains a mystery why not a single Lioness has had enough of this yet and all the time wants to become the Lady of the Sea. Well, or as in this case – a man. Why don’t you sit in your pink convertible, huh?

Virgo – Jess, “Focus”

It’s good that Virgos are, for the most part, honest and not gambling people. Because if the Virgos decided to become scammers, we could say goodbye to our capital: Virgo just knows how it works in your head, so you have few options to deceive her. But she has about 4769361243.

Libra – Sharon Tate, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Thanks to comrade Tarantino for turning a terrible real story into an incredibly happy fairy tale. But, we note, she would not have been the same without Margo, who, like Libra, has one task here – to harmonize the world with herself.

Scorpio – Allison, “Dreamland”

A bank robber who is promised an impressive reward for her head is the life role of Scorpio: because even when Scorpio does something bad, he does it very well. And catch her if you can (haha)

Sagittarius – Tanya, “Reporter”

Archers, as you know, are always for any kipes, except for a hunger strike. Only this (sign of the zodiac, in a sense) can explain the consent of an ordinary television journalist to go to warring Afghanistan and take an interview there. And really, why not ride to a hot spot, right? Unwind.

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