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Egyptian Horoscope By Date Of Birth. Who Is Your Patron?

Incredibly accurate and unusual characteristics!

Egyptian horoscope

NIL (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)

The god Nile and the river of the same name were a source of endless energy in Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the Nile River gave life to its inhabitants. Thanks to its waters, the lands were irrigated and fertilized. Therefore, the inhabitants of Egypt, in times of famine, asked for help from this river. The god Nile was the god of fertility among the Egyptians. Representatives of this sign are very passionate and impulsive natures. The motto of their whole life is – it’s better to do it and not regret it than not to do it and regret it. Any profession is suitable for them, where they do not have to sit at a workplace all day, they can move around and easily change their type of activity. The supernatural ability of the Nile people is the gift of healing. If you try, you will be able to relieve headaches with your hands and get rid of the evil eye and negative energy.


The Egyptian horoscope says that people around you feel good and calm. Your biofield carries a huge positive charge. Personality: cheerful and patient. You easily adapt to any environment. You are very insightful, which is why people are drawn to you. Your advice always hits the nail on the head. You always find yourself where your help is needed. But be careful!

Because of this, you are often taken advantage of. You do not forgive betrayal, you fly into a rage and act impulsively. Your judgments are categorical. You can be called a passionate person: you throw yourself headlong into everything you do. You are a deeply family person. Treat your loved ones with special tenderness. You try to support them with kind words and inspire them to new exploits.

AMON-RA (January 8-21, February 1-11)

Amon combined the characters of many gods: Ra (the god of the Sun), Min (the god of creation and reproduction), as well as the militant god Montu. Over time, Amon-Ra became a protector. He is represented as a man with the head of a ram. Sometimes the head remained human but was decorated with ram horns or a solar disk. He was the consort of Mut, the “mother goddess”.

His charges are wise and integral natures. In addition, one of their main qualities is sunny optimism. In a team, they usually play the role of leader. And among the professions, they choose those that allow them to demonstrate their talents. The desire for fame is in their blood. Praise the wards of Amon-Ra – and they will move mountains. Supernaturalism is the ability to see the future. Among these people, there are many predictors.


The Egyptian horoscope says that your integrity and boundless charisma attract people to you. You know how to persuade and have oratory talent. But sometimes you are so popular among friends, colleagues, and girlfriends that you simply don’t have time for your loved one. Courage and cheerfulness are your allies. You have a gift for calming people down. Next to you, everyone feels at their best. Sometimes this even goes beyond what is permitted. You have the aura of a leader, but not a dictator. You are a good diplomat, as you often act cunningly and on the sly.
Oddly enough, in a love relationship, it is difficult for you to fully open your soul to your partner.

MUT (January 22-31, September 8-22)

The goddess Mut symbolizes a strict mother. Mut is the second most important goddess in Egyptian mythology after Isis. Her name translates to “mother”. She was depicted as a woman with a double crown on her head: the crown of High and Lower Egypt. Sometimes she was presented in a more dangerous form: a lioness or a vulture. Her students are demanding of themselves and others. Alien to romance, they are always ready to help not in word, but in deed. Among the wards of the goddess Mut, there are a lot of testers, experimenters, and people who bring progress to our society.

Your supernaturalness lies in your great physical strength, health, and talent to sense any trouble a mile away. With a person like you, it’s not scary to go on any reconnaissance mission.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you are very emotional, and perhaps this is why you often lack self-confidence. You are often thrown from sadness to joy.

To please you, you need to stock up on remarkable patience. You can live in isolation from other people and cultivate your secret garden. You think that this is how you protect yourself from negative emotions. Love plays a big role in your life. Despite your sometimes exaggerated fears, you can move mountains to win and achieve peace of mind in a strong union with your partner.

GEB (February 12-29, August 20-31)

The Egyptians considered it a symbol of the Earth, a strong union and unity. Geb symbolizes earth, plants, and minerals. He was depicted as a man with a red crown or wearing a wig, divided into three parts, with the image of… a goose. If you were born under this sign, it means that you are a very good adviser, a kind and sensitive person. Among Geb’s wards, there are many public figures, psychologists, and specialists in the field of technology. Your supernaturalness lies in the fact that everything blossoms under your hands. Once you throw a seed into the ground, it will sprout. Everything green on the planet shares its strength and energy with the people of Geb.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you are sure that you are phlegmatic. It’s more likely that you lack energy. More precisely, you have your way of managing time: no rush, no fuss.

You are sensual, impressionable, and very attractive. Friends trust you so much that even if you don’t want them to, they begin to share their problems with you, in full confidence that your advice will change their lives for the better.

In love, you are looking for a person who is sensitive, trusting, and energetic.

ISIS (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

Egyptian horoscope – Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31) Isis symbolizes femininity and motherhood. Consort of Osiris, she personifies the mother goddess and protects newborns and seafarers.

Isis gained particular popularity for the fact that she once revived her husband Osiris, who was killed by a jealous brother. She is often depicted as a woman with the sun’s disk shining between her bull’s horns, and the son of Horus sitting on her lap.

Happiness if a representative of the fairer sex was born under her sign. After all, the main essence of Isis is love. Her charges sow warmth and tenderness around them. But at the same time, they know exactly what they want in life.

The stars predict success for them in economics and pedagogy. A supernatural gift brings good luck to everyone – that’s your talent. You are like a lucky talisman. All dark forces bypass the place where Isis’s ward resides.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you are cheerful, open-minded, and ambitious. Live to the fullest, beautifully, energetically, without prejudice or remorse. You love new and exciting experiments. You are calm, trusting, generous, love people, and trust them endlessly.

You are amorous, but you know how to love for a long time, flavoring your family life with pleasant (or not-so-pleasant) surprises. However, you are so idealistic that, having not once found a worthy partner, you become disappointed in people and prefer to live “alone than with just anyone.”

OSIRIS (March 1-10, November 27 – December 18)

Osiris is one of the greatest Egyptian gods. Having married his sister Isis to rule Egypt and bring civilization there, he enraged his brother Set, who tried to kill him, but Isis brought her husband back to life.

Thus, Osiris, a symbol of fertility and development, became the master of the “other world.” God of the dead, he spoke to people about their lives and was the guarantor of the survival of people underground.

This deity symbolizes renewal, as it never dies. His students are excellent speakers and organizers.

From the supernatural, the gods have given you the ability to see through people. Sometimes it seems that these people can read the thoughts of others. Nothing can be hidden from them.


The Egyptian horoscope says that your curious nature pushes you to new, unusual, unexpected experiments. You believe in life and are confident in yourself.

You live every moment to the fullest, without fear of failure. After all, there is always an alternate path for you, an opportunity to fix everything, to embark on new, even more exciting adventures. Everything flows, everything changes.

However, your uncontrollable optimism also requires rest, so from time to time you fall into a slight depression. Self-doubt can also be caused by the fact that you cannot stay away from anything.

You successfully combine strength and fragility, passion, and altruism. Sometimes you are looking for a pie in the sky when a tit is already sitting in your hands. Friendship is often stronger than love for you.

TOT (April 1-19, November 8-17)

He helped people master speech, writing, and arithmetic. He is considered the patron saint of scientists and philosophers. God of Knowledge and Letters, Thoth was the adviser of Osiris and the protector of Horus.

He was depicted as a man or baboon with the head of an ibis, decorated with a moon. He was revered as the god of oratory and numeracy. Considered the scribe of the gods and the measure of time. This earned him the favor of the magicians.

They also say that he helped astronomers, accountants, and healers. His students are distinguished by great attention to detail and the ability to analyze and think logically.

The supernatural thing about Thoth people is that they can easily master the techniques of hypnosis. Convincing anyone of anything is not a problem for them. You just need to look into the person’s eyes. They can distinguish truth from lies in five seconds.


The Egyptian horoscope says that curiosity, coupled with entrepreneurship, pushes you to search for everything new and unknown. Remaining charming and modest, you steadfastly withstand all the obstacles that life has prepared for you.

You always strive to get to the bottom of the truth. Your generosity is matched only by your honesty. You always and everywhere feel at home.

You love to work with words and are also endowed with teaching talent. These qualities will help you choose a profession in which you will be faithful throughout your life. When it comes to love, you can give your partner your best, masterfully hiding all your shortcomings.

ANUBIS (May 8-27, June 29 – July 13)

Anubis in Egyptian mythology, this god was engaged in embalming the dead. However, this ceremony under his leadership was held festively, as they would say now, with jokes and jokes.

Anubis, the god of the dead, was the master of funeral ceremonies and mummification. He waited for the dead at the entrance to the dark kingdom, presided over the judgment of the soul, and carried out their protection, bringing food and a grave.

His name means “jackal”, and his depictions in the frescoes were of a jackal or wild dog with pointed ears and an elongated snout.

Anubis endowed his charges with a sense of dark humor and the ability to find funny moments in difficult situations. These people are night owls.

They like to go to bed late and wake up late. They prefer solitude to noisy companies. And in the service, being left alone with a problem can bring much more benefits than working in a team.

The supernatural ability of the people of Anubis is the talent to administer justice. Thanks to the patronage of this mysterious god, no mortal can hide the truth from people. He always stands up for the weak and punishes the guilty.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you prefer shadow to light, and loneliness to popularity… To many, you seem to be a very mysterious person. You are valued for your sensitivity, sincerity, and loyalty.

You are a bit idealistic and very emotional. This is why you sometimes get depressed. But perhaps it is she who helps you solve some problems.

You are an excellent psychologist because the world of the unconscious is not a secret to you. You are adamant and do not change a decision once made. This creates some problems in love relationships.

Old wounds do not heal, which is why it is so difficult for you to find a soul mate. Therefore, you choose a partner very carefully, making sure ten times that your relationship is built on complete mutual respect and agreement.

SET (May 28 – June 18, September 28 – October 2)

Among the ancient people, Seth was considered a symbol of freedom. God of darkness, disorder, deserts, storms, and war. He was often depicted as a man with the head of a boar. The Egyptians attached special importance to the cult of Set.

Out of jealousy, he killed his brother, Osiris, but Isis, the wife of Osiris, with the help of Thoth and Anubis, revived him. As punishment for such an act, Seth was banished to the desert.

Other sources report that he was sent to heaven, where he now appears to us in the form of the Big Dipper.

Those born under the sign of Seth are extremely ambitious, inventive, and confident in themselves and their rightness. Such people are often elected to politics and leadership in the highest echelons of power.

The supernaturalism of Seth’s wards manifests itself when they begin to tell fortunes on cards, on coffee grounds, and even on clouds. No one knows better than them how to read the signs of fate and draw the right conclusions. You can safely entrust your fate to them.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you are a conqueror and believe that obstacles are created to overcome them. That’s why you are constantly looking for them. Don’t dwell on the past, but look to the future with hope.

You don’t know how to learn from your past mistakes, so you constantly start something again, test your abilities, and compete with someone. You find inner peace in the struggle with internal paradoxes.

Often you feel like you can only rely on yourself. You cannot stand restrictions in professional, social, and love spheres. With your selfishness, you protect yourself from events that could hurt you.

You prefer to run and hide to maintain your freedom. In love, you can hardly control your jealousy: you subconsciously choose those partners who will like your impulsive behavior.

BASTET (July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

Bastet is the goddess of love and fertility. She was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or lioness. She protected the pharaohs and humanity. The deity in the guise of a cat gives its charges charm, the ability to subtly feel and understand the situation. These are ideal wives and mothers.

They will easily achieve success in all professions that are considered feminine. They make excellent teachers, nurses, florists, and accountants. They knit, sew, and cook deliciously.

Their ability to calm and relieve stress can be considered supernatural. They have an amazing “cozy” biofield that warms everyone around.


The Egyptian horoscope describes you as a person who is used to being on the defensive. Vigilance is your strength, but excessive caution prevents you from correctly assessing the situation.

You need to overcome shyness and open up to the world, then life will seem much more interesting and brighter. Your charm and natural charm, as well as diplomacy, grace, and generosity, attract people to you.

Insight, well-developed intuition, and a sense of tact make your friends turn to you for advice. And they are not wrong, because you will always find the right words for everyone.

In love, you are looking for a partner who can appreciate your sensuality and emotionality. You surround your loved ones with special attention, care, and boundless love.

GOR (May 1-7, April 20-30, August 12-19)

He is often depicted as a man with a bird’s head. God of the Sky, Stars, Love, and protector of the pharaohs, Horus is one of the most ancient and important Egyptian gods. He is most often depicted as a falcon, with a solar disk above his head, or as a man with the head of a falcon.

They say his eyes can see at night. Those who were born under the auspices of Horus were created for flight.

They have a great imagination, a rich imagination, and they perfectly realize themselves in the field of creative professions. They make good biologists zoologists and animal trainers.

The supernatural nature of Horus’s charges is manifested in the fact that they can understand the language of animals. Cats and dogs respond happily to their commands. With affection and strength, they can tame any animal.


The Egyptian horoscope says that you are valued for your cheerfulness, nobility, and healthy pragmatism.

You see your goals clearly, so achieving them should not be a problem. You have the soul of a creator, and you are not afraid of difficult work, on the contrary, you strive for it. You love risks and do not shy away from responsibility. Moreover, they are always confident in themselves.

You like to manage, to control everything; those around you are not happy with your despotism. You are not very tactful. You need to work on patience and diplomacy. You are quite capable of love at first sight.

But such love is fleeting. Everything has its time. As you age, you will become more consistent in your feelings.

SEKHMET (July 29 – August 11, October 30 – November 7)

This is a deity with a lion’s head. His court is impartial. The main goal of his life is justice. Sekmet means “power, strength.” Sekmet was the goddess of quarrels and war. She caused dryness or flood, in general, she was the source of human troubles.

This harmful girl spread epidemics, but she also had the power to get rid of diseases. She patronized doctors and magicians.

She was represented as a lioness or a woman dressed in a long tunic with the head of a lioness. If you were born under the sign of this deity, then most likely you enjoy great authority among mere mortals and are demanding of yourself and others.

You will be equally talented in all professions where you often have to communicate with people and make important decisions.

Your luck seems supernatural. You know how to appear at the right time and in the right place. And no matter what business you undertake, luck will always accompany you.


You are a passionate, unyielding, proud person. You always have a lot of friends, although you are not too lenient towards others. You control yourself well, and therefore rarely make mistakes.

However, behind your proud exterior lies an honest, sensitive, cautious nature that awaits recognition.

Being a perfectionist down to the tips of your nails, you are always left unsatisfied. More flexibility, imagination, and less self-criticism will help you accept this life more easily.

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