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End Of Mercury Retrograde, Mars In Aries: April Ends In Style For These Three Astrological Signs

Luck in love, work, or money. The three astrological signs favored by the stars between April 25 and May 1, 2024, have a lot to gain. The only question is who it is. Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope lifts the veil on this mystery.

It is high time to draw a line under this whole story. Since February, the stars have had their way. Turmoil, stress, tension. The climate in recent months has been somewhat tense. Blame it on the lunar and then solar eclipses which pushed us to review our way of acting. They also presented us with a fait accompli, forcing us to make decisions, sometimes radical, or to detach ourselves from certain patterns. At the same time, Mercury began its retrograde movement on April 2, forcing us to review the way we act with others and communicate while questioning the way we position ourselves in society. It’s not easy to navigate calmly with this lot of energy. Fortunately, in astrology everything is movement. The arrival of May brings us back to hope and serenity. Mercury retrograde resumes its direct course, and Venus (love) passes into the tender sign of Taurus, on the 30th, joining the Sun (energy). Everything is aligned to take us into a fun break. And certain astrological signs have understood this well. Between April 25 and May 1, 2024, everything can change for them. It is the announcement of a new beginning. At least, that’s what astrologer Jean-Yves Espié announces in his horoscope.


It’s not so much that he’s attractive, but as Léna Situation would say: “+ = +”. This week, the planet of action arrives in the fiery sign of Aries and inevitably, for the horned beast this translates into skyrocketing energy. Although we already know that it is ambitious, this global positioning “is conducive to decision-making”, as Jean-Yves Espié points out. Aries takes the lead and imposes its style. “You find this confidence in yourself and this talent to convince people of the merits of your projects. » Now is the time to dare everything and try your luck. Everything Aries initiates will continue to gain momentum in the coming weeks. There is therefore no question of doubt.

At the same time, Mercury ends its course in retrograde. In the sign of Aries, the planet of communication allows you to find solutions more quickly. An advantage for the first sign of the zodiac which is in a perfect position to establish its position and take the lead of a team. “The presence of Mercury promotes pedagogy, and your optimism reassures the most hesitant. This works perfectly for the leader in you. » Although it should not be difficult to convince, we think we are not going too far ahead in predicting a great week for Aries where projects risk rhyming with consecration.


Right now, all lights are green for Earth signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are enjoying their final moments as Jupiter’s favorites (luck). But, this week, it was Capricorn who hit the jackpot. “The Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus form protective aspects,” assures the astrologer. A positive alliance that radiates its aura. “The first brings you warmth and confidence, the second accentuates your charm, and the third promotes a warm and optimistic approach. » Translation: Capricorn establishes himself as the person we trust. His talents shine, and his sympathy is increased tenfold. Enough to motivate those around him to follow him in all his escapades. But we know Capricorn is pragmatic, so inevitably, with him, escapades rhyme with constructive and long-term projects. The icing on the cake: “Uranus, finally, helps you see things in a new light to quickly resolve anything that gets stuck.”

If it is practical on the professional side, it especially marks the start of a new era for Capricorn. In May, the stars invite him to break away from his shackles. The last Earth sign seeks emancipation. He wants to do things differently, to write his own rules. In short, take a step aside to break away from routine. And, contrary to what one might believe, the sign ruled by Saturn (order, rules) is already having fun dreaming of its life differently. The machine is launched, difficult to change his mind. We remind you of this, but when a Capricorn has a goal, he sticks to it and goes all the way if not beyond. Have a good flight!


Somewhat disrupted by April, Libra finally regains its charming aura. In recent weeks, she has had to fight to defend her interests and clear her mind. Everything changes in the coming days. “The planets are giving you a little break,” announces Jean-Yves Espié. The justice will be able to breathe and relax to regain her splendor. “Take advantage of this to let all that is beautiful and good come to you,” even advises the astrologer. Queen of aesthetics and pleasures, Libra born under the protection of Venus unleashes her creativity. This is ideal on the professional side since “the Sun shines on your projects”. New opportunities could present themselves to her with agreements to be made and meetings allowing her to expand her aura. His popularity is skyrocketing, but Jean-Yves Espié insists: that it is important to give time, “there is no hurry”.

And because the week is placed under the sign of “chill”, la dolce vita, and idleness, Libra has every interest in focusing on the good energies around them. We especially think about giving more importance to one’s private life. “Spend time with those who nourish you with positive energies and think about cultivating your relationships. » On the heart side, it is good to let yourself be carried away. We lift our feet to breathe better. The idea here is to recharge your batteries while having fun. This is the message from the stars for Libra: stop intellectualizing everything for a moment to listen to yourself better. The planets in Aries (Mars, action, and Mercury, communication) invite him to take action while giving in to his desires. That’s exciting.

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