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The Month Of May Promises Positive Changes For These 3 Zodiac Signs

Aries: April 29

You must begin to see everything happening for your benefit and bring greater wealth into your life. You have been called to go through an immense phase of growth as you begin to further validate who you are as a person and the gifts you bring to the world. This process will allow you to look around you and truly feel in your soul that you are precisely where you are meant to be – which, in itself, embodies what abundance truly means. On Monday, April 29, Venus will move into Taurus, bringing more opportunities for wealth, especially through real estate projects, while helping you see that you deserve a better life. As you begin to use this energy in your life, you will find that through a deeper appreciation and love for yourself, you will begin to make decisions from increased value. As this is reflected in your life, you will realize that you have always been surrounded by luck.

Taurus: May 2

Likely changes are coming for you in your career that may seem daunting as you thrive in security, which is often seen as situations remaining the same. You have an unrealized dream or untapped potential lying dormant in your soul. The chance you need is to understand that you have to stop accepting only the bare minimum if you want to achieve the level of success you truly dream of. On Thursday, May 2, Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius, ushering in a period of reflection on your professional journey. This energy will affect your current career path or college studies, depending on where you are currently located. Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is about understanding yourself, your needs, and your gifts to the point that you are called to release aspects of the past that are no longer necessary. Even though this journey has only just begun, it’s never too early to start asking yourself what you would do if you knew you would succeed – because that is precisely what will bring you the luck you are looking for.

Gemini: May 2

Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius on Thursday, May 2 in your lucky house, representing an incredible turning point in your life. Aquarius energy rules over abundance, business ventures, travel, and educational and spiritual activities. While Pluto first entered this zodiac sign in January 2024, it was already in its pre-shadow phase for this retrograde, so this served as an opportunity for you to observe rather than act. Often the universe doesn’t make you close one book and open another, but it guides you through a period where the past and the future exist simultaneously, which is the case starting May 2. To make the most of this energy, which is to help you take more chances and risks to live an abundant life, you need to understand what has been holding you back and what you want from life. As you can validate your feelings and dreams, you can then begin to take back the power in your own life and manifest everything you desire.

Cancer: April 30

You’ve felt a surge in your career sector throughout the Aries season and the April 8 solar eclipse. Aries energy helps you achieve what you want for yourself and then find the confidence to succeed. It also asks you to think more about what you want for yourself as you begin to prioritize yourself more diligently and confidently. It’s time to get back to what you want out of life because this is the beginning of creating everything you want. On Tuesday, April 30, Mars will enter Aries, joining the North Node and Chiron and helping you understand why you haven’t seized previous opportunities so you can move forward in new and exciting ways. This energy favors everything related to your career or academic journey. This can help you realize that doing what’s best for yourself is always doing what’s best for others because if you’re not living according to your purpose, it’s harder to show yourself to the people you love. Invest fully in your dreams and let yourself see that what is meant for you can never be missed.

Leo: April 30

There is no point in trying to keep things as they are because they are bound to change. What is reverberating in your life right now is opening your eyes and your heart to new experiences that will help you feel greater abundance in all areas of your life. Aries, however, asks you to step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and believe in yourself, knowing that when you do, you are fully supported by the universe, whatever path you choose. On Tuesday, April 30, Mars will shift into Aries, bringing a deep desire to change your life – one you’ve been aware of for some time. These changes may lead you to move, accept a new job offer, return to school, or promise to live more on your terms. Know that wherever this energy directs you, it leads you toward your most abundant and expansive life. You just have to accept what happens and smile, because you know it’s all part of a higher purpose.

Virgo: May 2

It is said that the ultimate wealth is health, but this does not only include your physical body but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For this reason, when we talk about health, it also includes how you take care of yourself, the limits you set, and the determination you show to achieve your dreams. While being there and supporting others is part of who you are, there also needs to be a look back at yourself to see that the luckiest choice you can make is to ensure that you prioritize being the best of yourself. On Thursday, May 2, Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius, highlighting themes around what you need to feel your best. This energy will ask you to turn inward and think about how you structure your days, take care of yourself, and the boundaries you set with others in your professional life. When you realize that you set the tone for every other area of ​​your life with the way you treat yourself, you will understand why health is truly the greatest wealth because it allows you to succeed in achieving all your dreams.

Libra: May 2

This new phase of your life is entirely dedicated to your happiness. As you have already begun to work with this energy, you have come to see life differently. Are you no longer willing to maintain peace outside of you if it means sacrificing the peace within? Making waves by speaking your truth or needs is no longer something you fear but simply welcome. You know that you deserve more in your life, and because of that, you also choose to prioritize your happiness above anything else — and no one can hurt you about that. As you enter the energetic opportunity of Pluto’s retrograde station in Aquarius on Thursday, May 2, sit with yourself as you hold space for dreams you may have previously dismissed. Aquarius energy rules your sector of happiness, childhood dreams, and creativity. Although Pluto works more slowly than the other planets, the results are much more profound. They can help you restructure your life to bring more joy, luck, and success. Create an opportunity to connect with your inner child about what you have always been interested in and what you had hoped life would be like. Then begin to see how you can use this awareness to structure this new life. More than anything else, you deserve to be happy because it sets the tone for greater abundance and fulfillment.

Scorpio: April 30

You must be ruthless to stand up for what you want and deserve. Even if others don’t always agree or appreciate your openness, you are at an incredibly important time in your life when you will have the opportunity to go back – or truly move forward. As you move forward, some people or situations will leave, but only to create space for what is meant for you and what you deserve to receive. You can’t be afraid to hurt others to create the life of your dreams. Otherwise, it will only remain a dream. As Mars moves into Aries on Tuesday, April 30, you’ll feel a new sense of urgency to stand up for yourself, prioritize your happiness, and create the boundaries that protect you from negative or hurtful interactions. The universe will never do this for you because you choose yourself. It is imperative to be able to choose your luck and continue to attract a life of which you are worthy. Don’t be afraid to face situations head-on, draw a line in the sand, or go against what others want for you because your success will always be tied to your ability to protect yourself from what is less than you deserve. Trust your growth process and know that it leads to beautiful results.

Sagittarius: April 29

Venus shifts into Taurus after Jupiter and Uranus’ powerful alignment last week in this earth sign, helping you elevate your thinking and realize what it means to become your best self. Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus have created opportunities for healthy change in your life, allowing you to restructure your life to support your greatest well-being. Now there’s a reward coming for all the work you’ve done to demonstrate to the universe that you feel like your best self and that you deserve the best life. On Monday, April 29, Venus, the planet of financial abundance and real estate, will shift into Taurus, helping you attract greater wealth and prominence if you’re considering buying a home. Venus in Taurus, alongside Uranus and Jupiter, helps bring a new sense of rejuvenation and fulfillment. Now that the hard work of this energy is behind you, you can finally understand why you have been called to evolve in different ways. Remember that you truly deserve all the luck you are about to receive because you put in the effort to create it.

Capricorn: May 2

Change can be a challenge for everyone, but as an earth sign, this may be especially true for you, because you are so focused on the desired outcome that you hesitate when situations seem different. Since Pluto moved into Aquarius in January 2024, this energy has been amplified as you are asked to think about themes of security without getting too hung up on what you think is part of what you are trying to manifest. Yet when you realize that everything is happening to get you to the life you deserve, you can relax into the process and better embrace the necessary changes. On Thursday, May 2, Pluto will station retrograde in Aquarius and invite you to think about what brings you security, safety, and abundance. During this time, you have a powerful opportunity to learn to find these themes within yourself to better move forward in the transformation process. Focus more on what matters most to you so you can see that you are already surrounded by all the luck you ever needed to succeed.

Aquarius: April 30

The full power of the universe helps you move with current energy to take the actions that will help create the future you look forward to experiencing. A congregation of planets in Aries, with the North Node, Chiron, and Mars, on Tuesday, April 30, brings a solid focus for communications, writing, and the deals you make with others. Aries tends to bring about new beginnings by aligning with what you want for yourself, but to do that you also have to trust yourself. While it is a lifelong journey, it is also a journey that will empower you to bring the life you want to life. Focus on your conversations with others as Mars enters Aries on Tuesday, April 30. Observe the offers, opportunities, or experiences you have that may mean a deeper change is happening in your life, but also be willing to stand your ground and speak your truth. You may need to be firmer about what you want from your career or romantic partner during this time because you realize you are worth more. The greatest luck often lies in your ability to take risks; for you, it’s taking a chance on yourself, knowing that you deserve to find the success you aspire to.

Pisces: April 30

Aries Energy rules your financial sector, which has seen a lot of activity recently with the solar eclipse, the North Node, and Chiron all in this intense fire sign. Aries can help you stop being apologetic about your worth and base it on trying to appease or please others. You become a little more radical about your boundaries and standing up for your worth – because of this, you also now hold the power to manifest greater wealth.

Focus on how you can generate more income through your career or other endeavors as Mars moves into Aries on Tuesday, April 30. Although the North Node and Chiron have helped you understand your worth as you focus more on what is meant for you, you can take action to align and create it for yourself. Use this energy to start new projects, collaborations, or positions while learning to trust your abilities. Once you know what’s right for you, you can benefit from everything the universe has to offer, and feel free to live your destiny.

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