Zodiac Signs

Extremely honest zodiac signs versus frequently lying signs

Discover the signs that tell the truth even when it hurts and the signs that can be fake and lie to spare your feelings!
7. Gemini

Geminis are extremely sociable and usually speak their mind. However, they can be two-faced, as a result of which they can be incredibly inconsistent. While now he might say something he sincerely believes, this could change immediately the next moment. But, this behavior is not intentionally dishonest.

8. Capricorn The

strategic and pragmatic Capricorn is honest as long as it serves him something. He tells the truth when it’s in his favor and to get what he wants, but he doesn’t rely on that alone, as he is extremely hardworking and ambitious by nature.

Try to encourage his honesty if the information you need is vital

9. Scorpio

Scorpio is not a liar, but he is extremely secretive and may not present the information he has right away. He does it not out of malice, but out of mistrust. Sometimes the best way to find out what’s on a Scorpio’s mind is to listen to what they’re not saying.

10. Aquarius

Why is Aquarius at the bottom of the list? Because he hates to express his feelings to you because vulnerability terrifies him, so he may choose to stay silent.

11. Pisces

Pisces are the ultimate martyrs. As with other signs, their faults are often unintentional behaviors. People born under this sign do not try to distort the truth, but feel victims of the slightest inconvenience or believe that they are being misunderstood.

12. Cancer

Because of its remarkable emotional intuition and imagination, Cancer is prone to manipulation.

He is born with these abilities, so he can even do it unintentionally. 

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