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The most sentimental signs: Leo is surprisingly romantic

Some signs are distinguished by pragmatism, others are more idealistic. For them, romance is not old-fashioned, it’s a way of life.


It’s no surprise that you’re on this list: you’re an idealist, an incurable romantic, and people who experience emotions as strong as yours hate you. Your creativity supports this side – you like to express the love you have for a person


You are incredibly sentimental. You express your emotions and spend a lot of time taking care of others, so if someone goes out of their way to do this for you, it touches your heart. You are attracted to people who value family values ​​and friendship.


Your outer shield is tough, but on the inside you are very sentimental. You like to create and cherish memories. You need someone to put you at the top of their priorities and even if you act like you don’t need anything, you melt inside when someone makes a romantic gesture for you.


You are sociable and you like to meet new people, but when you meet someone you have feelings for, you give them all your attention. You’re looking for someone who doesn’t shy away from expressing his intentions – you can’t wait for a romantic gesture.


Like Taurus, you can seem cold and distant, but inside you hide strong feelings. You don’t immediately express them to the person you love, because you feel that love needs time to develop. If your partner is attentive to you, says something nice or gives you a nice gift, you are impressed.


Sometimes you can be incredibly romantic. You are looking to protect yourself and express your love, but you want your partner to return the favor and get involved in the relationship. When someone steps out of your comfort zone to show you what you mean to them, you are overwhelmed and you will remember this moment for the rest of your life.

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