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Find Out Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac Sign

Many superheroes in the MCU draw their superpowers from totem insects: Spider-Man, Ant-Man, or Wasp Woman. We tell you which totem insect patronizes your zodiac sign and maybe this will help you reveal your abilities and take your place in the superhero franchise! Or you can just have fun comparing yourself to a totem insect.

Totem insects according to the sign of the zodiac

Aries – wasp

The wasp is endowed with fiery energy and it transfers this power to its owner. This makes Aries quick to make decisions, but very impulsive. To avoid problems, make plans for the future.

Taurus – bumblebee

The bumblebee, although huge and noisy, is not dangerous. This totemic insect symbolizes values ​​​​and rich moral principles. But only thanks to diligence and victory over themselves, bumblebees will experience tremendous success.

Gemini – butterfly

The butterfly has a unique life cycle, which is why in many cultures it is considered a symbol of rebirth and renewal! Whoever is lucky enough to be under the breeze of these graceful flaps of a butterfly is characterized by sociability and originality. But butterflies are very sad alone, so they need friends vitally.

Cancer – water beetle

Water bugs are tough guys thanks to their shells, and in many cultures, they were considered a symbol of protection! Those who are patronized by this insect are very successful in love affairs, they are also distinguished by enviable independence, which affects the formation of a strong, independent personality.

Leo – ladybug

Ladybug is a symbol of the sun and success in love affairs. So, those born under this sign are prone to adventure, career growth, and enviable success with the opposite sex.

Virgo – grasshopper

The grasshopper, thanks to its musical abilities, is a symbol of the “poetry of the earth.” People with this totem easily notice the smallest details and analyze information. And they are faithful partners in business and relationships.

Libra – cicada

The cicada is eternal youth, as it feeds on fresh morning dew. Although Libra always doubts, the cicada gives them a subtle aesthetic taste. They perceive the world more sensually than analytically. They perfectly create a peaceful atmosphere and expel everything rude and unpleasant from it.

Scorpio – spider

Symbol of creation and wisdom. If Spider-Man realizes his power and directs it to manipulate other personalities, this will greatly spoil the life of others. But, if he directs his energy to create something beautiful, he can become a spiritual healer.

Sagittarius – praying mantis

Like the praying mantis, Sagittarians are patient and precise. They are smart and, thanks to their inner philosophy, are very optimistic about failure. This does not unsettle them, they continue to clearly and effectively achieve their goals.

Capricorn – bee

A bee is a clear hierarchy and discipline. The bee is a hard worker, helps to achieve success in work and career, and gives strength to Capricorn, like vital, honey nectar.

Aquarius – firefly

An insect that carries light in its natural habitat. In the same way, Aquarians with their altruistic approach to life brings light to the people around them. With their ideas, they dispel the darkness and help society become better!

Pisces – dragonfly

The dragonfly endows Pisces with mysticism, they are closed in themselves, but inside they are full of energy and, thanks to their developed sensitivity, they feel what others cannot feel.

Now you know what insect you can compare yourself to. Consider the features of your character to neutralize the worst in him in time and develop the best!

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