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Forecast For 7 Years For All Signs Of The Zodiac. Get Ready!

Uranus finally moved into Taurus on March 7 and will be seven years old. It’s time to make a small revolution in your life – make up your mind. Changes await you not only in your personal life but also in your career – things will go uphill, and finances may be too. Uranus is the most unpredictable and freedom-loving planet. It promises you big changes, the main thing is to tune in to them correctly.

The disadvantage of the planet is that you won’t have time to plan anything – changes will come at the most unexpected moment, fall on your head and completely disarm you. If you like surprises and unpredictable twists of fate, we guarantee that you will like it. Forecast for 7 years for all signs of the Zodiac. Get ready!


Aries, if you’ve been hard at work, get ready to reap the rewards. Uranus will enter your life like a storm and bring you success and money! The planet will do the best for you – it will free you from the shackles of the office and push you to do what you love most. Finally, there will be a holiday in your house!


And Taurus Uranus will turn life upside down. If you have long wanted to start life from scratch but did not dare, this is your chance! It does not drop out so often, so be decisive and gather all your strength into a fist. You will be able to take a fresh look at your life, perhaps you will begin to travel and explore unknown horizons. Get ready for anything – the real fun awaits!


If you want to let go of all your grievances, hardships, bad memories, and shackles that have kept you from moving freely all your life, Uranus is right there!

The planet will give you fuel and strength for creative and personal endeavors. You can go on the path of spiritual purification, perhaps even meditate and start devoting more time to sports.


Raki now is the time to look around. Are you sure that your social circle is what you need? Who interferes with your self-realization and does not understand your feelings? Think about it. After all, it is the people around us who influence our lives. You are already one step away from your dream – there is very little left. Work on yourself, because this is a great moment to reach new heights.


Leos should expect change at work, both good and bad. You will be able to rethink your priorities, which is great in itself. Perhaps you will be able to find a new path for yourself – to change your life for the better, quit addictions, and engage in self-realization. Lions, you are beautiful! And now is the time to prove it to everyone else.


Virgos are waiting for travel not only for recreation but also for work. You will be able to devote more time to your career – raise your professional level and even achieve a promotion!

You love to learn, and these seven years are no exception. A whole storehouse of new knowledge awaits you, so stock up on clean notebooks!


Expect financial changes. Most likely, the money will come to you by inheritance, or from loved ones. During this period, you will find yourself at the crossroads of your life – be careful and make an informed choice. It can define your whole life.


Scorpios are preparing for changes in their personal lives, but whether they will be positive or negative depends only on them. They may marry, or sign a very important contract at work. If your family life is torture, make up your mind and stop it – file for divorce.


Sagittarians will experience ups and downs, especially when it comes to work and health. But don’t worry, everything has its pros and cons.

You will have to strain a little, so you will not be able to go with the flow. Work is work but watch your health. Sports and proper nutrition have never been as relevant as they are now.


Capricorns can expect replenishment in the family (and knowing Uranus, it will be like a bolt from the blue). The planet also promises you romantic dates and new love if you have not yet found your destiny.

Let yourself rest, you deserve it. Relax. You may find yourself a new hobby and realize yourself creatively.


Aquarians should expect changes in household chores. Possible relocation, or buying a house. If you still live with your parents, you will have the prospect of acquiring your own nest.

Perhaps, thanks to work or acquaintances, you will be able to move abroad. Don’t miss this chance, because it can change your life for the better!


Pisces, you are lucky! Right now, Uranus is ready to give you what you deserve – love, profit, peace!

You will discover new horizons for yourself and, find good friends with whom your life will become fuller and more unpredictable. Be prepared for anything – this is your time!

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