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Taurus: Personality Traits Of This Zodiac Sign

Astrology relies on the location of stars and planets based on month, day, and even hour of birth to determine the characteristic traits of each zodiac sign. Among the twelve astrological signs, Taurus particularly attracts our attention. Less subjugated by power and glory, he is more interested in living his life intensely and writing the most beautiful chapters of his life. No wonder he is described as the epicurean of the zodiac. Zoom in on his personality traits to find out more…

Presentation of Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is one of the 48 constellations identified by the astronomer and astrologer, Ptolemy. Taurus represents people born from April 21 to May 20. Located between Aries and Gemini, it is a balanced Earth sign and always in harmony with its values. The natives of this zodiac sign are benevolent, calm, and powerful, thanks to the Earth element to which they belong and which grants them strength, fixity, and stability.

It is said, according to Greek mythology, that Zeus took on the appearance of a Bull to defend the Pleiades, also called the Seven Daughters of Atlas, pursued by the giant hunter Orion. The Bull whose form Zeus took was able to kidnap Europa and bring her to Crete. Zeus thus placed the animal in the heavens among the constellations. This zodiac signs belonging to the Earth element has Venus as its ruling planet, a planet of love and relationships, but not only. It is the fetish star of Taurus which grants him an innate sense of aesthetics and above all harmony.

General characteristics of the sign of Taurus

The image of this zodiac sign speaks for itself. Taurus is strong in appearance and endowed with a strong character, although they are described as incredibly stubborn. But the natives of Taurus are down to earth, work hard to achieve their goals, and live in the comfort they feel they deserve. Because yes, Taurus loves luxury and comfortable life and only feels calm when their bank account is well supplied. Epicurean at heart, he seeks to live intense moments by enjoying the little pleasures of life. Give Taurus a tasty dish, good wine, friends around him, a faithful and loving partner and he will be the happiest on earth. What else! Will tell you the actor Georges Clooney who belongs to the same sign of the zodiac.

The qualities of Taurus

Those born under the constellation of Taurus will confirm this to you. The natives of Taurus like stability and fixity in all areas of their lives. In work, in their relationships, and love, they seek stability and everything that can bring them peace and serenity to live in harmony with their loved ones.


If the native of Taurus sets a goal, he achieves it at all costs. He works hard day and night even sacrificing all his nights to get there. He is a good worker but also a good leader. He knows how to motivate his team like any good manager. He shows authority and firmness but also empathy. He is fair and encourages the team to reach the top. We love him for his tender heart and his compassion. He is always ready to give a second chance to a member of his team but he should not be pushed to the limit. It will backtrack with no possibility of return.


The love of pleasure is what the Taurus native is looking for. If you want to know why Taurus tries to work so hard! The answer is very simple: it’s to enjoy life and the pleasures it brings. Gastronomy, decoration, travel… Le Taureau excels in all these areas. And if he invites you home, be sure that you will have an unforgettable time. A well-stocked table, a pleasant atmosphere… His guests will be kings, the house is his castle. Some pleasure! Taurus knows how to give….


The motto of Taurus is “Slowly but surely”. He is patient to achieve his goals. Some say Taurus is slow to relax. Some say he is patient. Because if other signs of the zodiac are endowed with this quality like Capricorn, Taurus has this quality with a good margin. He can wait a long time until he feels it is the right time to act. Moreover, his perseverance rhymes with his patience. If he takes the wrong direction to carry out his project, he does not hesitate to start all over again from scratch until he reaches the desired goal, despite all the difficulties encountered.


In love, in friendship, or even at work, you can count on the native of Taurus in the event of a problem. This sign is appreciated for its reliability, sincerity, and honesty. He accepts neither lies nor betrayal. And you will never see him act like this to serve his interests. Taurus will always be the shoulder you can cry on when you’re feeling down. It is the quiet force of the zodiac…


Who better than Taurus to get their hands dirty and create beautiful artistic works? Governed by Venus, the planet of sensuality, he likes to touch raw materials. Pottery, gardening, painting… He likes to be close to nature and the elements of the earth. He also likes to build, as an architect he is ingenious and full of talents because he likes to create what can be useful. His secret? Taurus is always enjoying what they create…


The Taurus native is empathetic, sensitive, and generous. He helps, advises, and supports those close to him and those who need it. Knock on the door of Taurus and he will always be present.


Like Libra, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. Endowed with great sensuality, the partner of Taurus must also have it to seduce him. He is ready to use all the strategies of seduction to crack his better half. A romantic dinner, candles, good wine, and compliments whispered in your ear… You can’t help but fall in love with this sign that wants to be cuddly and… very sensual.

The flaws of Taurus

It’s no secret that if Taurus has undeniable qualities, he also has faults that cannot be denied.


If you touch on the core values ​​of Taurus, you will be dealing with a stubborn and rigid person who will not change his mind unless you present a very valid argument. His stubbornness can sometimes complicate his life.


Although empathetic and always forgiving, Taurus does not forget. He will remember the bad blow that a loved one inflicted on him. Without showing it, he accumulates anger and finds it difficult to get rid of it to the point of harboring serious resentment.


Without being stingy, Taurus prefers to put money aside in case of need and thus have confidence in the future. Taurus favors security but that does not prevent him from enjoying life and pampering all those close to him.


A Taurus cultivates a routine that they find difficult to shake off. He likes his comfort zone and is afraid of change. Anxiety, fear of risk? Possible! Materialistic at heart, he is afraid of losing everything. The Taurus native needs someone by his side who encourages him to push his limits, to call on his hidden talents so that he can evolve.


If you want Taurus to trust you, you have to be patient. For fear of suffering, he sometimes finds it difficult to communicate easily and to let you into his private life. He takes his time to get to know you. We’re letting you in on a secret! To earn his trust, be honest, discreet, faithful, and generous and you will see your Taurus open up to you like a flower…


For Taurus, love and sexuality go hand in hand. He cannot conceive of a sexual relationship without feelings. He also needs to feel admiration for his partner. Force a Taurus into intimacy against their will and you’ll see them turn their backs and not follow through on your advances. Sensuality and passion are the leitmotifs of this Earth sign. He gives you pleasure when he wants it, then admires the sparks emanating from the fire burning inside Taurus.

Family and marriage

Romantic at heart, Taurus gives love a prominent place in their life. Thoughtful, he does not easily fall in love with the first person he meets. He needs to feel confident to formalize his union. Once married, Taurus does everything to make their marriage a success. Responsible, faithful, and reliable, he will make his home a haven of peace, if, of course, all goes well with his spouse.

Taurus: What Kind Of Parent Is It?

Taurus loves his child madly. It’s his weakness, his outlet… This Earth sign protects his child and supports him on all levels so that he can grow, evolve and succeed in a life that is not always rosy and that is full of adversity. Taurus instills human values ​​in their children and can sometimes appear intransigent or even harsh but for the good of their offspring. He wants to see his children proud and raise their heads to face the vagaries of life, but above all to see them trust their hearts to make the fairest decisions.


Being friends with a Taurus is very pleasant. This grounded, grounded sign doesn’t like a hassle and will always be even-tempered and cheerful with their friends. However, he chooses his friends at his fingertips…He needs to share the same centers of interest as them to be on the same wavelength. Just like his friend Capricorn, he will always be there for his friends no matter the cost and will take their secrets to the grave. But in return, it demands respect and consideration.


This earth sign craves quiet leisure time that inspires peace and serenity. Having an artistic and creative streak, he devotes himself to singing, music, dancing, or painting. Reading and writing are also part of his hobbies. Fascinated by nature and the well-being it brings, you will always see a Taurus hiking. Breathing the air, touching the trees, and smelling the smell of the earth is what energizes this epicurean to feel truly alive.


Taurus climbs the ladder quickly and can easily boost his career thanks to his hard work, his ambition, his perseverance, and his thirst for success, whether he is an employee or an entrepreneur. We see Taurus practicing professions related to art and creation and succeeding in the profession of actor, singer, architect, or professions that highlight his interest in culture as a teacher, psychologist, or journalist.


The cute sin of the Taurus native is gluttony. With time and age, he may gain weight. To maintain good health, Taurus has every interest in watching their diet. In addition, its weak points are at the level of the throat and the neck.

Being a strong sign of character, he can withstand the stresses and difficulties of life but for this, there is always a price to pay. He may eventually develop anxiety and insomnia. In summary, Taurus must favor moments of calm and plenitude to recharge their batteries and eliminate negative energies.


Unsurprisingly, it’s his earth sign friends who are compatible with Taurus. We are of course talking about Capricorn and Virgo. They share the same ideals and can be on the same wavelength in love and friendship. The Cancer sign is also compatible with this Earth sign. Taurus likes the latter’s sensitivity and gentleness, and Taurus likes the quiet strength and security that Taurus gives him. With Scorpio, a beautiful friendship can be born but also a beautiful romance, and why not a great passion…

What attracts Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the senses, they are attracted to everything beautiful, pleasant, and sexy. Touch, smell, and taste are the senses that often influence his decisions. Offer a good perfume to our Taurus friend and you will see him overflowing with sensuality.

Taurus is also attracted by the gain of money because comfort and luxury are part of their daily life. In love, Taurus likes his/her partner to be strong. Losers have no place in the life of a Taurus.

Taurus Woman

Determined, the Taurus native knows what she wants and does everything to get it. But unlike the Gemini woman, she prefers shadow to light and secure life to glitter and catwalks. Materialistic, the Taurus woman likes to consume but she always does it smartly. As a perfect hostess, she knows how to receive and master the art of the table. Refined, with a sense of aesthetics, she is beautiful, elegant and treats herself to luxury items because she prefers quality to quantity. As a mother and wife, her home will be the very image of happiness. Attentive and caring, she will always listen to her children to reassure and comfort them. With her partner, she will be the ideal wife. Attention, hugs, pleasure… The Taurus woman is the very embodiment of sensuality.

Taurus Man

As a true epicurean,  the Taurus man enjoys the pleasures of life. He is a bon vivant, a sensual man who misses no opportunity to enjoy life. He is always close to his friends, his family, his children and showers them with gifts. He is the ideal father, who assumes his responsibilities, ready to love, care for and protect his offspring. On the other hand, the Taurus man also needs to feel loved and appreciated and he expects a minimum of attention and tenderness from his partner.

Taurus Child

The little Bull! Give him kisses, hugs, and caresses and he will be in heaven. Calm and charming, he quickly won over those around him. But the Taurus child is also vulnerable because they are very greedy, they easily give in to sweets, which can have repercussions on their health later on. Allow him to garden with you, give him pencils and paintbrushes, and let him give free rein to his creativity and the artistic sense that he will reveal from an early age.


Taurus is a fixed sign whose element is Earth, which it shares with the signs of Virgo and Capricorn. The Earth element relates to confidence, stability, and balance, but also to realism and pragmatism. When you are an earth sign, you are necessarily grounded and solid.


The fetish planet of Taurus is Venus, which represents the pleasures of life, love, sensuality, happiness, and the arts… This planet makes Taurus down to earth, pleasant, easy to live with, and content with pleasures. simple things in life while cultivating many human values.


Taurus’s lucky numbers are 2, 4, 6, and 16, and all numbers are divisible by 6.


The colors that suit Taurus are white, yellow, and green, the color of vegetable abundance and hope. but also black and all the colors that have a relationship with nature.


Taurus lucky stones are:

  1. Emerald for harmony
  2. Malachite for success
  3. Agate for health
  4. Amethyst as a financial talisman
  5. The diamond for endurance
  6. Sapphire for family happiness


The metal that corresponds to Taurus is copper, also called “red metal”. It symbolizes peace and tranquility.


The trees that represent Taurus are:

  1. Oak is solid
  2. The apple tree that brings health
  3. The jade tree for luck and prosperity


The lily is the flower that represents Taurus since it symbolizes nobility, fidelity, reliability…Qualities are representative of the proud Taurus who has a sense of duty.


When you think about it, there is nothing better than a cat to keep company and live in harmony with an Epicurean and home-loving Taurus. The Chartreux is a breed of cat that will live in harmony with the native Taurus since it is calm and affectionate like its master.

Famous Bulls

Among the Taurus herd are French celebrities, renowned for their beauty, impeccable taste, and artistry. We, therefore, find Laetitia Casta, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christine Bravo, Patrick Bruel, and many others…


What are the signs of the zodiac incompatible with the character of Taurus?

With Aries, Gemini, and  Leo, Taurus does not mix well.

While Taurus is more concrete, Gemini is more versatile and very indecisive, which is not to the taste of our earthling.

With Aries, it is total confrontation. Both zodiac signs are strong and can disagree on many things.

The very sociable Leo may not get along with the Taurus who is more of a homebody. But everything depends on the ascendants and the lunar signs of each one. They can just as easily get along and complement each other.

What kind of woman does the Taurus man like?

The Taurus man is endowed with quiet strength while being friendly and fun. He likes smiling, sincere and honest women on whom he can count. The Taurus man is endowed with great sensitivity and always listens to the woman in his life. He will also be seduced by a woman who offers him comfort in return. With a woman of the sign of Cancer,  he will be in perfect harmony since they are both in search of affection.

What is Taurus’ worst enemy?

Aries is the sign that can be a true enemy of Taurus. This dispersed Fire sign can be a great rival to the constructive earth sign Taurus. In love, at work, or in the family, they are always in competition.

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