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Four Signs You’re A Witch According To Astrology

You still haven’t received your Hogwarts letter? Here are the clues to see if you have a witch’s birth chart.

According to the astrology Instagram account Sanctuary (which also has an app), some clues in your birth chart make you look like a witch. These very “witchy” astrological placements would make you a particularly receptive, spiritual person, or gifted in esoteric arts such as drawing cards. In short, a witch 2.0. Not convinced? We break down the theory for you.


To find out if you have a witch’s astrological profile, you will first need to calculate your astrological chart. Nothing could be simpler: take your birth details (with time and place) and enter them on a site such as astrotheme.fr. In the short video posted on the Sanctuary account, four elements would indicate that you have strong witch potential. We tell you which ones but above all why and how to spot them when you are not an astro professional.


The Moon sign is as important in astrology as your Sun (main) or ascendant sign. Why would having your moon sign in Pisces make you a bewitcher? Quite simply because the Moon is the star of our inner world, including our instinct and our receptivity. Thanks to Hecate, one of the three goddesses of the Moon, the star also has a small magical reputation. As for Pisces, it is quite simply the most receptive, intuitive, and mystical sign of all. It is linked to spirituality, the sixth sense, and mediumship.

To spot it: look for the icon representing a crescent moon, in yellow on astrotheme.fr. the symbol of the astrological sign where it is located tells you what your moon sign is.


Here, things get tough for novices. The astrological houses are full of meaning and the number 12 corresponds to the 12th sign of the zodiac… Pisces, of course. It is the place of fading boundaries, of letting go, of death and mysticism. So if you have one or more planets (or asteroids, in gray on astrotheme.fr), this would make these themes particularly important to you.

To locate it: around the wheel of the zodiac, there are 12 numbered houses. Once the 12th is found, all you have to do is look at what is there or not.


It’s not just a rumor: Scorpio is one of the strangest and most mysterious signs of the zodiac. Like Pisces, it is a Water sign linked to intuition, emotions, and spirituality. With one small difference: Scorpio would be fascinated by taboo or occult subjects. A witch’s CV, in short. The Ascendant is our social mask, our spontaneous behavior: you would then have a real magician aura or even predispositions in the fields.

To locate it: the ascendant is to the left of your chart, where the “AC” arrow points.


In a natal chart, Jupiter is the spotlight, the amplifier that points to something essential depending on where it is. When the planet is in the 8th house, it amplifies the sector… of Scorpio. Having Jupiter in the 8th house means having a very marked interest in the invisible, the hidden, the occult.

To spot it: look for the symbol of Jupiter, which simply looks like a four. Then see if it is in your 8th house.

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