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Difficult Times: Capricorn Will Be Challenged By Fate In May

May will be challenging for Capricorn. You can find out who else is among the unlucky people of the month here.

Some challenges are waiting for the Capricorn and he has to admit that sometimes things just don’t suit him. But it’s not just the earth sign that has to prepare for a difficult phase.

Find out here who will be among the unlucky ones in May 2024.

#1 The Capricorn has to divide his strength well

May gets off to a slow start for Capricorn. Until May 15th you have to divide your strength well. When exercising, you should take breaks more often and not push your body too hard. Less strenuous workouts are good for you. With yoga, you can relax your body and mind and focus on balance and a good feeling in your body.

You are currently annoyed at work. Stress and time pressure become noticeable and you often react irritably to your colleagues. You’re particularly annoyed when you’ve explained something over and over again and the other person just doesn’t listen. That is exhausting. And financially, a lot of things don’t go according to your expectations.

Tip: Don’t take things too seriously and don’t let your perfectionism get the best of you.

#2 The Libra are put to the test

Things are stressful at work, especially in the first half of the month. You’re under pressure and someone always wants something from you. Your patience will be tested in the coming weeks. It all depends on how you deal with the difficulties. Can you prove yourself as a crisis manager or are you reaching your limits?

Your fitness program is currently more difficult than usual. Mars is going sideways and you can’t perform as well as you would like to. Be careful not to overload, there is a risk of injury! Although the first third of May is not characterized by luck, the world looks much better for you at the end of the month.

Tip: It doesn’t always have to be a big coup. Celebrate even the small successes.

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