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From December 11th: These Zodiac Signs Are The Unlucky Ones Of The Week

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In the second week of December, some zodiac signs will face stormy times. We’ll tell you who has to grit their teeth now.

While some zodiac signs are overwhelmed by luck, things are not looking so good for others. Three zodiac signs will face challenges starting December 11th. We’ll tell you who’s included.

#1 Gemini

Mars challenges you in the relationship and causes disagreements. You and your partner are a little more sensitive. Without good communication, another good argument could break out. Singles don’t know exactly what they’re looking for at the moment.

You need more structure at work right now. A regulated everyday life and precise time management are now required. After all: your ideas are currently being received very well by the team. Rely on your abilities and don’t let the little things upset you.

Your energy level currently leaves something to be desired. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but give your body what it needs right now: rest. Now you should just relax and unwind.

#2 Libra

In the relationship, you can get your favorite person incredibly excited about you. But something has been bothering you for a while. Try not to hide your feelings, but rather communicate your needs. Singles are currently not missing out on flirting. You take everything you can get.

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Sun and Mars strengthen your self-confidence and give you confidence in your job. You have many ideas just waiting to be put into action. Let some of this mature and give yourself some time to think about things.

You’re not always fully focused at the moment, but you’re doing your best. The Sun and Mars will provide you with new energy and strength from December 11th. Afterward, the sports program can start again.

#3 Leo

As a single, you want to make new acquaintances and discover the world. You take every Christmas party and Advent party with you so that you don’t miss any opportunities. Jealousy is a given in the relationship – a lot of talking is necessary here.

You are currently doing well in your job and can prove yourself in the team. Your ideas are met with approval, but sometimes also with resistance. This hurts your ego and makes you appear arrogant. Try not to take things too personally and see it as an opportunity to do even better.

Overall you feel fine, but the cold season is bothering you. With exercise and an effective fitness program, you can combat this and say goodbye to indolence.

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