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From These Two Signs Of The Zodiac You Will Not Wait For A Declaration Of Love

They show their love in very different ways. Words are not as important to them as they are to others.

They seem cold and insensitive, but this is only at first glance. And you should not be upset at all because those born under these zodiac signs cannot say “ I love you – as they show their love in completely different ways.

From them, you will not wait for a declaration of love


Cold and arrogant – this is the first impression people born under this sign create. They seem like impregnable fortresses, but the fact of the matter is that when Capricorns have left alone with their feelings, they can sob all night. Provided, of course, that they are alone in the house.

As soon as you destroy the wall that they have built around themselves, another one appears, and so on ad infinitum. Once you decide to give up, you hurt their heart. And then you will understand that their feelings are very deep.

The fear of getting hurt psychologically is what prevents Capricorns from showing the emotions they prefer to hide deep inside themselves.

They would rather give a hand to cut off than tell someone that they love him and care for him. However, sometimes their mask falls off, and then you have a chance to break through this deaf defense. But for this, you will need to stock up on nerves of steel and hellish patience.


What Leo is not able to handle is vanity, which prevents him from opening up and demonstrating his vulnerability to another person, even if he has known him all his life.

He will never admit that he is ashamed of something. When communicating with him, it seems that you know much less about him than he knows about you. Next to Leo, you constantly feel in limbo.

“I’m sorry” is a word he’s unlikely to ever utter. Even if he realizes that he made a mistake, he will never admit it – either to himself or to others. This is not a royal business.

In his mindset, he is perfect. You will have to tie Leo to a chair and pull out his tooth to make him say words that will express his true feelings.

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