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Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Heal Your Body

It’s all about the stars! Each part of the body is governed by a specific zodiac energy. In the early days of medicine, doctors studied the planets to figure out how best to treat a patient. Although this technique is long gone, there is still some value in understanding how astrology can help heal you. Here is how your zodiac sign needs to heal your body:


Body: the main energy place is the head.
Energy: leadership and upholding one’s point of view.

Imbalance: May present with headaches, migraines, loss of self-confidence, and runny nose.
Healing: Lead your life in the direction you like. Sometimes you need to slow down and look around carefully.


Body: energy place – neck.
Energy:  stability and consistency.

Imbalances: May present as problems with the upper back, neck, sore throat, and hoarse voice.
Healing: Try meditation and develop your voice through singing.


Body: the main energy place is the mind and thoughts.
Energy: the freedom to express yourself.

Imbalance: This may manifest as scattered thoughts, confused mental processes, and arm pain.
Healing: Keep a diary, this will help calm the mind and can let go of any repetitive thoughts.


Body: the main energy place is the chest and heart.
Energy: truthful expression of one’s feelings.

Imbalance: May manifest as uncontrollable emotions, feelings of exhaustion, or over-sensitivity.
Healing: Breathing exercises are often the most beneficial, as is light exercise.


Body: the main energy place is the heart.
Energy: constant being in the spotlight.

Imbalance: May manifest as heart complications, difficulty expressing emotions, and feeling closed off.
Healing: Try to creatively express how you feel, also try yoga asanas to open the heart chakra.


Body: the main place is the stomach.
Energy: motivation and purposefulness.

Imbalance: This may manifest as digestive problems.
Healing: It’s important to learn to let go and release some of the expectations you place on yourself.


Body: the main energy placed in the kidneys and lower back.
Energy: the ability to form healthy partnerships.

Imbalance: May manifest as an overly independent or dependent personality.
Healing: It’s important to find ways to compromise in your life and perhaps think of others.


Body: the main energy place is the reproductive system.
Energy: Transformation and learning how to grow and change through life experience.

Imbalance: This may manifest as a feeling of being stuck or changing too much.
Healing: It is important to embrace change and be open to dealing with any doubts that arise.


Body: the main energy place is the hips.
Energy: teaching, research.

Imbalance: May present with liver problems or even a tendency to overindulge.
Healing: Traveling or learning something new will help open and expand your mind.


Body: the main energy place is the bones.
Energy: the ability to do everything in a practical and orderly manner.

Imbalance: This can lead to workaholic tendencies, knee problems, tooth decay, or toothache.
Healing: It’s important to take a break, slow down, and check out what’s fueling your ambition.


Body: the main energy place is the nervous system.
Energy: supporting humanity and thinking about things on a more global scale.

Imbalance: Can make you feel like a “mad scientist”, feeling out of touch with reality.
Healing: It is important to work on creating and bringing your ideas to life.


Body: the main energy place is the legs.
Energy: by with own essence or spirituality.

Imbalncthe: feeling of constant lack, loss of attention to others.
Healing: It is important to get in touch with your spiritual self or your true self.

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