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Full Ice Moon In Virgo On February 24: What It Means For Your Astrological Sign

This Saturday, February 24, the one and only Full Moon in Virgo of this year 2024 will take place. You don’t understand everything, but are you curious? We explain to you what that means in astrology, and for each sign of the zodiac.

No, no national snowstorm is expected this Saturday: the Full Ice Moon is simply the name given to Full Moons in February. Don’t be so disappointed, it fits the mood perfectly. The Full Moon symbolizes accomplishment, joy, and self-expression: in short, it is the type to break the ice. Between people, or even within oneself. And in the rational sign of Virgo, this Full Moon brings us a compass and a roadmap in this ocean of doubts that is the Pisces season. We tell you why this Full Moon will do you good, and in what way depending on your astrological sign.


Astrology is a jumble of symbols. The recipe for this Saturday, February 24? A little emotional well-being (the Moon ) is linked to the care and services we give to ourselves and others (Virgo) and how that can help us flourish (Full Moon). Now is the time to use all our rational experiences in the service of our physical and mental health. Our memories, our blunders, our successes, our sorrows, and those of others. With the sign of Virgo, it’s simple: we observe, we analyze, we learn, we apply and we repeat until it works.

It’s time to pay extra attention to yourself or those close to you, to find the routines that suit you. The idea? By taking care of our bodies, our place of life, or our loved ones, we also take care of our morale. By organizing our day, we also put our thoughts and emotions in order. Especially since we are in Pisces season and this sign has a major point in common with its polar opposite, Virgo: the desire to help. “This Moon embodies the archetype of the caregiver,” explains Mimo Magri in “Self-Love Under the Stars – Cultivating Your Well-Being Through Astrology.” The Full Moon in Virgo represents the desire to share this moment of calm. The opportunity to put a bandage on the little ailments of those close to you, even with a simple message or by sharing that piece of music that makes you feel good at the moment.


  • Virgo and Pisces are at the forefront of feeling the need to take care of themselves and others. And since these two complement each other wonderfully, each is tinged with the qualities of the other. Virgo borrows its unconditional compassion from Pisces, and this demanding person could even learn to apply this concept to herself. For once. Pisces could finally put their finger on details that had passed under their nose, find solutions to their problems, and learn to compartmentalize what they feel so as not to let themselves be overwhelmed.
  • Cancer, Leo, Gemini, and Capricorn also have a lot to learn from this Full Moon. Why them? Their assigned stars are those that will be in Virgo and Pisces on February 24. This Ice Moon gives them the keys to overcoming small hiccups that have been bothering them for a long time. Either by finding help (yes, even you, Capricorns) or by learning to prioritize your current worries and let go of those that you cannot resolve immediately.
  • Taurus, the remaining Earth sign, and Scorpio, the third Water sign, could learn an innovative concept. That of letting go. The first is used to ruminating professionally, the second to dissecting until he no longer understands anything. The Full Moon in Virgo gives them the objectivity they lack to apply to themselves the good advice they generously give to others.
  • Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius would benefit from taking advantage of this Full Moon to take a break from the whirlwind of their activities. Libra questions its eternal desire for neutrality and Aquarius injects more humility into its ideals. Sagittarius asks himself questions of ethics and integrity while Aries could consider a revolutionary act: stop resisting everything, permanently. To see.

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