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Give me your zodiac sign, I’ll tell you what you are! In 2022

When the loved one leaves us, we do not all have the same reactions. Some women lament their fate, others want revenge or become good friends. And you, how do you react to a breakup? Find out what ex you are according to your astrological sign!

1. The Aries woman:

If she is at the root of the breakup, the Aries woman is able to leave overnight. Indeed, from the moment she decided to put an end to her relationship, nothing will make her change her mind! If she is the one who left, she is the type to cut all communication links with the person concerned to no longer hear about it!

2. The Taurus woman:

With great pride, the Taurus woman does not show anything in difficult situations. During a separation, she plays the woman totally indifferent (even if she is not)! Finally, it can also be ultra-rancorous if his partner has hurt! It all depends on the reason for breaking …

3. The Gemini woman:

With the woman Gemini, you never know what to expect. During a breakup, she can both be confused as completely impassive. In fact, it is an astrological sign that does not know how to live alone and that has a tendency to say “one of lost, ten of found”! If the separation can be difficult, she will have to do it after a few days!

4. The Cancer Woman:

It is surely the astrological sign that shows the greatest respect during a separation. And for good reason, it is an individual who easily recognizes all that his partner has brought him and who tries to retain only the positive. And even if the Cancer woman suffers from the situation, she will be humble at all costs!

5. The Leo Woman:

With her oversized ego, the Lion woman is not an easy ex! Especially if it is not she who made the decision to leave! His pride takes a hit and his desires for revenge are sometimes oversized or theatrical. One thing is certain, she never offers a second chance!

6. The Virgo woman:

Even if she does not want to come into conflict during a breakup, the Virgin woman tends to internalize her emotions. Result? She keeps everything to herself and ends up exploding. In this sense, it takes time to turn the page when it separates from his partner …

7. The Libra woman:

Renowned for her emotional instability, the Libra woman can react in the opposite way to a breakup. She can quite possibly try to win back her ex and end up deleting her from her contacts the next day. In any case, she always tries to handle the situation with her head held high in order to preserve her image.

8. The Scorpion woman:

Ouch, this is the astrological sign that reacts most badly to a separation. Indeed, the Scorpion woman is extremely possessive and does not support the idea that her ex resumes her life. She does not show her anger directly. On the contrary, she secretly and indirectly hopes that the person at the origin of her sufferings endures a bad fate.

9. The Sagittarius woman:

Cry on his fate? Very little for the Sagittarius woman! After a breakup, she does not want to waste time and intends to enjoy life even if she is alone. It is a rather cool ex with whom, it is even possible to consider a friendly relationship thereafter. It’s almost destabilizing …

10. The Capricorn Woman:

Unlike the Lion woman, the Capricorn woman hates scandals. His separation? She lives it discreetly and matures. She prefers to do things wisely rather than end up in a conflict. It’s simple, she goes ahead and finds no interest in bickering!

11. The Aquarius woman:

Disinterested. This is the keyword to describe a woman Aquarius when she separates from her half. She, who cherishes her freedom, is rather happy with the idea of ​​finding her again. It’s a bit frustrating for her ex who even wonders if she loved him one day. With her, it’s like no relationship had existed!

12. The Pisces woman:

Romantic and idealistic at will, the Poisson woman is recovering with difficulty from a break. In general, it takes several months to complete the situation. And often, she tends to believe that it is not over and that there is still a chance for the relationship to work. In fact, it’s an ex a little sticky …

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