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Here Are The Luckiest Astrological Signs For The Month Of November

Each month, the stars broadcast a different atmosphere above our heads. This pleases some and less so others. Discover without further delay the ranking of the signs that are likely to have a very good month of November 2023.

Nestled between Halloween and Christmas, the month of November often gets a bad rap. In 2023, however, it promises to be particularly festive. The planets engage in a fiery waltz to multiply the surprises. It is certainly a question of doing the accounts and putting your life in order. But the cosmic energies of the coming weeks help us to follow our desires, to listen a little more to our needs, and above all to let go. The atmosphere allows us to decompress and breathe while facing our responsibilities. Translation: certain astrological signs could make interesting decisions for the rest of their lives. Others will dive into romance or set a course for daring projects. Whether during Scorpio season, which takes place until November 24, or under the control of Sagittarius, the days promise to be rhythmic, lively, and perhaps even synonymous with luck for certain astrological signs. Here are the top three of the zodiac for November.


If he is not particularly known for knowing how to put himself forward, Pisces takes a tangent and proves that he too can shine. This month, the planets take him under their wing to help him develop his potential. This involves finding a smile and desire again. His motivation is such that nothing seems to be able to resist him. He is determined to move forward, to make his voice heard, and to move the lines. After a slight slump at the start of the school year, he is regaining his self-confidence. It is therefore with a light spirit and a head full of ideas that he approaches this new chapter of the year 2023. He is no longer afraid of anything and intends to do well in the game. Driven by Mars, the warrior planet, Pisces is more ambitious than ever.

The situation is such that he begins to dream of the future. Better: he makes decisions, and commitments and takes action. His energy is increasing and his desires push him to surpass himself. If he can stay the course, there is no doubt that he will advance his pawns in the desired direction. Forward all the way. Success awaits him! At the same time, Saturn, order, and time return to the race. After a particularly intense retrograde, Saturn in Pisces helps the last sign of the zodiac to initiate new projects that will have a long-term impact. On the heart side, the first days of the month should be gentle and sensual. Mars (strength, passion) and Venus (love) combine their forces to rekindle the flame and provoke fiery encounters.


He is the great explorer of the zodiac, the one who lives with a backpack at hand, his passport delicately slipped into his pocket, just like that… Just in case! Sagittarius is not the type to put down roots. No, he loves discovery and lives for adventure. This month, his thirst for novelty should be particularly quenched. The stars encourage him to step out of his comfort zone. Whether in his private life or at work, Mercury (communication, travel) in Sagittarius pushes him to move. Romantic getaway or business trip, escape is on the agenda. The opportunity for him to open his chakras, tickle his curiosity, and meet new allies. It’s good for morale and your career.

If Venus in Libra is responsible for boosting his sympathy while putting flirting at the forefront, the rest of the sky invites him to rethink his daily life. As a couple, he creates a surprise. Among friends, he spreads his good humor. In the office, he is thinking about a new way of doing things. While his creative ideas and ingenious solutions should make him more popular than ever, Sagittarius could also decide to change his path entirely. He sets off again on an adventure, exploring other paths. He opens his horizon and broadens his action plan. Conclusion: novelty is good. It’s exciting, fun, almost magical!


In the coming weeks, Taurus can count on the support of its favorite planet. First in Scorpio, then in Libra, Venus radiates the first Earth sign. Her power of seduction is increased tenfold, and her sensuality and charm spread. More attractive than ever, the cosmic ox takes his ease, he enjoys the sweetness of his daily life by sharing his love with those who accompany him. With family, between friends, and in private life, Taurus indulges in wild declarations. He shares what is on his heart, what crosses his mind with simplicity and lightness. He indulges in flirting and enjoys revealing his feelings. In short, he feels alive.

At the same time, Venus, which is not only the planet of love, is responsible for helping him make important decisions. If a negotiation was underway, with a financial stake, Taurus could expect to see money falling from the sky. His bank account is replenishing, luck is on his side. Coupled with the power of Jupiter, the expansion, which is found in his sky, the energy of Venus could also make him close a great deal. A real estate transaction, a move, an investment. Taurus invests in stone for his greatest happiness. He smells a good deal, he seeks to build a more stable and serene future. If he has to roll up his sleeves slightly to achieve his goals, there is no doubt that the planets will align the stars above his head to help him achieve all his goals!

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