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Zodiac Signs That Will Get Poorer In 2023

Which zodiac signs will have financial problems in 2023?

The retrograde of Mars in Gemini until January 18 and the entry of Pluto into Aquarius from March 23 will be unfavorable to these zodiac signs. He will have difficulty taking action and achieving his goals.


The year 2023 comes with bad news for this zodiac sign. For the latter, the stars will not be aligned in his favor financially. Gemini will have to remain vigilant and watch its spending in 2023 at the risk of facing significant financial problems. With Mars retrograde in their sign,  natives of this Air sign will need to pay close attention to their expenses to better manage their income. In 2023, they can lose large sums of money if they act impulsively. For this new year, Gemini should think about changing their habits and making new resolutions so as not to fall into a financial pit. The retrograde of Venus in Leo from July 22 to 1 September will also make them lose confidence in themselves and will hurt their self-esteem. This will allow them to reflect and question themselves. This Venus retrograde could revolve around their image and their talents and abilities. However, some months will be better than others and eventually, Gemini will emerge victorious with professional success at the end of the year.

Find out which other zodiac signs could be in financial trouble in 2023

This year 2023 will not be favorable for all the signs of the zodiac. They will encounter difficulties during this new year.


Virgos will face financial problems in 2023 because they will not find solutions to increase their income. The problem is that representatives of this Earth sign will continue to live beyond their means. Virgos will experience the rising cost of living and their purchasing power is likely to decline. Self-management is difficult for Virgos who can’t manage their budget. They will have to review their habits in 2023  and perhaps consult a wealth manager to support them in their financial projects. They will have to work hard to solve their financial difficulties. But with perseverance and hard work, Virgo natives could overcome their financial difficulties.


Despite their large incomes, Sagittarians have difficulty managing their expenses. They are reckless when it comes to spending money. Besides the fact that they know how to earn it,  Sagittarians don’t know how to use it well and save their income. They should seek advice to improve their relationship with money. They could stop their impulse buying. With effort, they could manage to save and carry out important financial projects in 2023. This new year could be a real lesson for the natives of this Fire sign.

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