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Here’s How You Could Lose Her, Based On Her Astrological Sign

If you don’t want to lose your girlfriend, it’s best to avoid pushing her and make sure you respect her boundaries.

However, you may not know what it is best to avoid doing if you want to keep her by your side.

And that’s why we’re here, to help you, by explaining to you what could push your girlfriend to move away from you, according to her astrological sign.


One of the 5 things that will make you lose your Aries girlfriend is if the spark between you dies.

If you stop being romantic once the honeymoon phase is over and change your ways after you conquer it.

If you stop reminding him what it’s like to have butterflies in your stomach, you will lose your Aries girlfriend.

The same as if you start treating your loved one like a roommate or your sister, rather than your lover.


If your girlfriend belongs to this sign, you will lose her if you try to play with her confidence.

It is known to everyone that gaining the trust of a Taurus is difficult and if this girl starts believing in you and trusting you, it means a lot.

Remember, once a Taurus’s trust is lost, it is impossible to regain it.


Geminis all have a strong and unique personality in common. This is because they crave independence and emotional freedom.

So, the best way to lose a Gemini is by trying to control them.

It’s by trying to change the essence of what it is and make it adopt the principles that are yours.


You could lose Cancer by not being clear about your feelings. By acting indifferent. By making her doubt your intentions.

Sending her mixed signals and making her feel neglected.


If you want to lose a Leo woman, all you have to do is start comparing her to other women.

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean that this girl has no self-esteem, just that it’s unthinkable that she would let you humiliate her by dating or flirting with other girls while you are already taken.


You could lose a Virgo by being inconsistent and constantly changing your mind about things of importance.

You will lose her when she sees that she can’t count on you and that you are anything but reliable.

Once she sees that you are unable to stick to your word or make empty promises.


If you don’t want to lose a Libra, immediately forget about second chances and repeated forgiveness, because if you systematically break their heart, you will lose them.

Pay attention to the things this girl shares with you and work on it, before she gets fed up and leaves.


You could lose a Scorpio by being too boring or letting your relationship get stuck in routine. By not stimulating her and saying yes to everything she says.

By not giving her the excitement she needs and making no effort to keep her passion intact.


You could lose a Sagittarius by trying to stifle their sense of freedom. If you try to trap or imprison her in your relationship.

If you try to make decisions for her and if you try to control her in any way.


If you wanted to lose a Capricorn woman, all you would have to do is refuse to put a label on your relationship.

To trap her in a form of pseudo-relationship and try to lead her along.

By not giving her the place she deserves in your life and by not treating her like everyone should treat their girlfriend.


Aquarians all have one thing in common, they cherish their intimate space more than anything.

No matter how much an Aquarius woman loves you, she will always need some time just for herself.

So, if you wanted to lose her, all you had to do was be too clingy. Not letting her breathe and suffocating her with too much need for affection.


You could lose a Pisces by being dishonest.

Remember that women belonging to this astrological sign will always prefer the truth, no matter how toxic and painful it may be.

She will forgive you a mistake much more easily if you dare to be honest.

Conversely, if you tried to get away with lying, you would only make things worse.

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