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Here’s The Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs From October 30 To November 5.

Love experiences, analyzing a personal budget or helping a friend. They told you what this week will bring you.


Money. The Sun between Jupiter and Uranus will make you think seriously about exciting prospects.You will feel a surge of motivation as opportunities to improve your financial situation suddenly appear.Due to Jupiter’s retrograde motion until November 23, it is better not to clear the memory on your phone or delete files on your computer. The planet can create a deceptive impression: what is important may seem unnecessary.

Lucky days: 01.11, 04.11


Love. A positive connection between the Sun and key planets in your sign can lift your spirits. You will readily adopt ideas that fill you with enthusiasm. You might find a romantic interest this week. It is likely that you will decide to take the first step, especially if you have long admired someone from afar. A lucky chance can bring you together. Creative collaboration will also be successful for you.

Lucky days: 01.11, 03.11


Mystery. The brilliant composition of the planets will help resolve a complex issue that has been bothering you for a long time. It could be something related to a missing item or a family secret from ancient times.What’s revealed this week will surprise and intrigue you.

Lucky days: 03.11, 05.11


Prospects. Are you looking for new experiences and opportunities to help you grow and learn? The placement of the stars this week suggests that you will be ready for any challenge. They may not be easy, but they will be enjoyable. The active conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter at the beginning of the week will force you to trust your feelings. They will tell you what to try and what to avoid.

Lucky days: 31.10, 02.11


Budget. Knowing all the ins and outs of your financial situation will be necessary for you, but dealing with every detail will be tedious. Money plus a little freedom of action will help you keep the situation under control and at the same time not deny yourself pleasures. The current influence of the Sun can ignite your natural ambitions. Think about what you want to achieve? If you are a little rebel, you can achieve great success.

Lucky days: 30.10, 03.11


Mood . At this time there is a chance to feel a powerful surge of inspiration. This will help you start the coming week on a positive note and in a very productive mood. But don’t try to achieve the perfect result, otherwise you will complicate everything.Keep it simple, many problems can resolve themselves.Planetary influences can connect you with someone or something that will further motivate you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Lucky days: 01.11, 04.11


Trouble. Perhaps some part of you is ready to overcome obstacles and start new things in order to achieve your goals faster. But while the Sun and retrograde Jupiter are in the personal and spiritual zones of your horoscope, it is important to remember about unresolved problems. It’s worth taking the time to deal with things that take more energy out of you than they’re worth. Once freed from them, you will be ready for new beginnings.

Lucky days: 02.11, 05.11


Communication. Your social life will be very lively and interesting this week, especially if in recent weeks you have maintained relationships with people from your past. Jupiter is slowing down now, so you may want to contact some old friends or talk to someone you haven’t talked to for a long time. What happens between you will be beneficial for both. At a minimum, some long-standing misunderstanding will be clarified.

Lucky days: 31.10, 01.11


Pause. Sometimes you will feel as if you are stuck in a swamp. The reason is six retrograde planets in a personal horoscope. But don’t worry. By the end of November, Jupiter will give impetus to development, and after another couple of weeks events will accelerate significantly.Don’t give up on a great idea just because it’s too slow to come to fruition.You will enter a new phase and will be able to achieve positive results only through patience.

Lucky days: 31.10, 03.11


Friends. Does anyone around you need some encouragement? Perhaps you are just the person who can cope with this task.The active conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter can inspire you to have an intimate conversation.If you have a similar experience, your advice could be the breakthrough the other person needs. It is possible that you can help a friend out by working together: thanks to his skills and contribution to the common cause, you will be able to achieve excellent results.

Lucky days: 02.11, 04.11


Changes. This is a time of change that can affect your life in many ways. Long-held beliefs can prevent you from benefiting and taking advantage of opportunities. No matter how strange it may sound, you will have to analyze your principles and get rid of those that actually do not bring real benefit. This will be a step towards changes that will radically change your life.

Lucky days: 30.10, 02.11


Creative. Now is the time to give free rein to your creative inclinations. Do you want to realize some of your hidden talents? Direct your imagination to hand-made creativity, the result will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, at this time there will be active interaction between the energies of different planets. This promises an exciting and useful conversation that will clarify a lot for you.

Lucky days: 01.11, 02.11

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