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Love Tarot Spread For All Zodiac Signs: Week From October 31 To November 6

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What to expect from a relationship with your loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – Lovers

The card suggests not changing anything this week. Try to build relationships solely on trust. Learn to finally enjoy the harmony of love!

Taurus – Justice

In your relationship with your partner, there is complete trust without a single hint of lies. And also a strong point in your union will be such qualities as equality and respect.

Gemini – Hanged Man

This week you will experience a state of uncertainty. You may have to choose between two men. Or maybe the situation will develop in such a way that you find yourself between two fires: for example, between your parents and your boyfriend.

Cancer – Magician

Personally, the week gives a favorable prognosis. Thanks to your experience and the feminine tricks you have developed with it, you will be able to get what you want.

Leo – Judgment

This week has something new in store for you – something that can greatly transform you as a person. Whether pleasant changes await you or not depends on the attitude with which you look into the future. More positivity and love for the world!

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Virgo – Empress

On a personal level, this week will bring you only good emotions. This period is full of activity, favorable changes, and pleasant little things. The card does not see any obstacles to your excellent mood and harmonious relationship with your partner.

Libra – Wheel of Fortune

Know that if you meet a man this week, there is a maximum chance that he was sent to you from above and this is your destiny. And even if it seems to you that he is not your type, the card advises you not to rush to conclusions, but to allow winning your heart to a new acquaintance (or a well-forgotten old one).

Scorpio – Priestess

Listen to your heart. Do not rely on material gain, it will not make your union happy. We’re talking about love! Better yet, show more patience with him, with yourself, and with the circumstances.

Sagittarius – Moon

This week you will be haunted by feelings of mistrust, doubt, and feelings of deception. And this is unlikely to lead to anything good because such feelings cannot be called a strong foundation for a relationship. It’s time to get rid of this mental burden.

Capricorn – Hierophant

Your relationship with your partner will become very serious, and in some ways, this seriousness is very good. The main thing is not to overload your union. Try to leave a feeling of lightness in your personal life.

Aquarius – Strength

Passion is what will dominate your relationship this week. This may seem like good news, but we shouldn’t forget that passion and love are two different things. Be careful with the spice in your relationship. She can play her role not only in bed but also in scandals with breaking dishes.

Pisces – Peace

Personally speaking, the week can be called quite good. You will notice harmony in your relationship in all areas, from intimate life to everyday issues.

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