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His reaction when he falls in love with someone, depending on the zodiac sign

His reaction when he falls in love can be surprising. If some natives are frightened by the new feelings, others look at the situation with great enthusiasm.

When you fall in love, everything suddenly changes, especially the way you see the world and yourself. With the awareness of love, you are a whole new person.

Did you fall in love at first sight but didn’t want to admit it? Or did love come after the second or third date? Regardless of when it happened, now that you know you’re in love, what do you do?

Each of us reacts differently to love, and this is strongly influenced by astrology.

For some signs it’s extreme panic, for others it’s a comfortable transition.

Find out what each zodiac sign says when they fall in love with someone:


“No problem, I’ll seduce her and make her mine by the end of the month!”


“I feel weird. Is it indigestion or maybe I have the flu?”


“Great, I’m falling in love.”

(60 seconds later)
“Oh no, I’m falling in love!”

(5 minutes later)
“Wait a minute, it’s okay to fall in love. It’s okay.”


“I can’t go through another breakup again. I still haven’t gotten over my ex.”


“There is nothing better than self-love.”


“This is not the right time to fall in love. I have more important things to do.”


“Fir-ar! I can’t deal with it now.”


“Ok, I have to come up with a plan to win her over. I don’t want you to scare her off with my way of being.”


“Hmm, love is a good thing. I like to love, but I feel a little cornered.

I’d better book a trip somewhere so I can sort out my thoughts.”


“I am ambitious. I will use all my energy to make her love me.”


“Yeah, I’m probably confusing love with admiration for someone. There’s no way I’m falling in love.”


“Yes, I composed 10 songs, wrote love poems and created some beautiful paintings, all inspired by her. I think I’m falling in love.”

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