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How Zodiac Signs Behave When They’re On Edge

Today our Magic Ball tells you how to understand that you don’t need to poke your neighbor with a wand, otherwise it might accidentally explode!


Be careful, dangerous moment! It seems that no one has yet managed to bring Capricorn to any significant manifestations of rage – well, either we don’t know about it, because dead men tell no tales. So if you have the empathy of a stool, it’s better to just never touch Capricorns: if you have to, they’ll touch you themselves. We tell everyone else the signs of the coming apocalypse: Capricorn chews his lips and drops his pen twice in a row. Yes, that’s all.


The main problem of Aquarius (in the sense of people surrounding Aquarius) is that Aquarius can be on the verge for absolutely any reason, and will behave accordingly. For example, if Aquarius decides that no one loves him, he will go behind the sofa and die there, whining, in the fetal position. And if Aquarius decides that he is being discriminated against, he will climb onto three stools and give a fiery speech, after which everyone else will want to grab the sofa. But one thing remains the same: this will be a real benefit. You won’t miss it.


We don’t know if you know this, O young inquisitive reader, but among the celebrities born under the sign of Pisces is such a remarkable person as Tomas de Torquemada, the first Grand Inquisitor of Spain and the founding father of the Inquisition at the same time. This is what happens when Pisces is carelessly poked with sticks by all sorts of heretics, and we do not recommend it, the service is one star out of ten. So this is what this would mean: if Rybka says “You’re wrong!” – it doesn’t matter whether you’re right there or even a Leo – you have to make moves. Because Pisces in their usual state does not convince anyone and does not point out mistakes (at least for free), so if this happens, you need to run away before they get caught.


It would seem that what could be easier than to understand when you should not approach Aries without a helmet, body armor, and extreme necessity, right? Well, of course, when Aries starts yelling and hitting the table with his hooves. Oh, this is where the main danger lies: citizens with a weak nervous system immediately run away and henceforth believe that this is exactly what Aries looks like, driven to the extreme. This is what Aries looks like when brought to that stage of the discussion where he senses losing. And the driven Aries sits quietly in the corner with the face of a man doomed to listen to the sermons of vegans until the end of his days. And you don’t need to come here (but you can send a vegan – you don’t feel sorry for him).


If this horoscope were a rating, we would give Taurus a gold medal, a certificate of honor, and a box of marshmallows – just because Taurus, driven to the extreme, opens his mouth and directly says in words: get out, or it will get worse! And all because Taurus are completely strong-willed people, and even in the most difficult state they remember their family and friends. And they don’t want to accidentally get hurt. Don’t make Taurus want to hurt you on purpose!


Geminis are sociable people, and, unfortunately, this trait extends to all aspects of their multifaceted nature. In the sense that if Gemini feels good, they bring people laughter and joy, and if Gemini feels bad, then everyone should feel bad. Now. Immediately! So we cannot even give advice and explain by what signs it becomes clear that it is better not to approach Gemini now. They will come and bring it themselves. And they will. Trauma (unfortunately, psychological). One thing is good: almost no one can bring Gemini to such a state. Easy character!


Our Magic Ball has been warning for years that Cancers are terrible people, but there are still unbelieving Thomases looking for complex ways to self-destruct—Cancers, for example. But they, of course, will not succeed, because Cancers, driven to the brink, lose the last remnants of humanity and are not going to kill anyone – it’s too simple. Cancers, driven to extremes, use torture: tears and hysterics. That is, literally: they lock themselves in the bathroom, turn on the water, and begin to sob ecstatically, ignoring any attempts to reach out and find out what happened. And we don’t recommend doing this: Cancer is okay, but you’re there, outside the door, peeling off from shame and powerlessness.


Leos are outstanding natures, but, fortunately, not particularly deep (in short, like Tsereteli’s monuments), so it will not be difficult to understand that something is wrong with Leo: if Leo does not look like the king of the world and ruler of the galaxy, but looks like a bald manual – it’s clear that the matter is dark. There is no need to touch, and, most importantly, do not try to save: Leo does not forgive witnesses of his weakness.


If you’ve always dreamed of seeing a living dinosaur, but for obvious reasons you don’t get the chance, you can look at an animal that is just as rare: Virgo at the point of despair. True, you will have to wait a very long time for this (possibly decades), but the spectacle is worth it, believe me. Because driven to the brink, Virgo 1 will not do anything (in the sense of generally and at all, she will not even open toothpicks and layout pentagrams on the table), and 2 will remain silent. Amazing sight! But it’s better to stay away – when she lets go a little, she’ll be able to solve it with a toothpick.


Libras are strange people: if you serve them a cup of tea three degrees hotter than they like, you can run into a huge scandal. But if Libra feels bad, they will hide it, like a shameful illness, and skillfully pretend that everything is fine and nothing is happening. How to check? It’s very simple: you need to serve Libra a cup of tea at the wrong temperature. If they drink without saying a word, everything is very bad. We recommend retreating further away but being ready to rush in at any moment.


Deep down in their souls (which they don’t show to anyone, but our Magic Ball sees everything), Scorpios are kind, sensitive, and humane creatures. That is why you do not have a single chance to offend Scorpio, who has been brought to the extreme boiling point, and accidentally annihilated: Scorpio in such a state simply does not show itself to anyone. For which many thanks to him from all humanity.


When pushed to the brink, Sagittarius looks lost because he loses his main skill: the ability to communicate successfully. He’s sitting there, neither be nor me. Touching him at this moment means aggravating his condition: people need to answer something, but Sagittarius cannot, cannot, cannot! This is how you bring a good person down, and sooner or later he will come to his senses. And he will take revenge.

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