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Memories. There is a chance to meet an old acquaintance with whom you once had a close relationship at an informal event. Perhaps he will offer to see you again to remember the past. Before agreeing, ask yourself if there are prospects for this relationship. If it seems to you that after so many years he still loves you, and you cannot reciprocate, it is better to leave everything as it is and not enter this river a second time.

Lucky days: 19.01, 21.01


Work. You doubt that you have enough skills and knowledge to perform a special task. Colleagues rely on you. The initial panic will subside when you realize that common sense and a methodical approach are all that are needed to complete such a job. Since you are naturally endowed with both, success is guaranteed. Don’t be afraid to act boldly and confidently. The ability to express yourself without false modesty is the key to success this week.

Lucky days: 16.01, 17.01


Relations. Resist the urge to drop everything to please a partner who expects too much of you. Test this relationship by telling him your firm “no”. If the chosen one agrees that you have your deeds and beliefs, this is a good sign: he respects you as an independent person. Slow down a bit in your daily worries and professional routine. One way or another, the job will be done. At the same time, learn to delegate authority.

Lucky days: 21.01, 22.01


Self-assertion. At work, an issue will escalate, because of which you are very worried. In this case, it may be necessary to become more assertive. Speak directly and you will be heard. Free evenings will be especially pleasant if friends from afar come to you. Or vice versa, you will go to visit someone. Are you lonely? An ideal partner for you will be a cheerful, caring, and kind person. Look around, he may have been around for a long time.

Lucky days: 19.01, 22.01


Communication. A partner or neighbor is silent when you turn to him with proposals. This does not mean that he does not take your words seriously. Give him some time and you will get an answer. Call a new colleague or subordinate to talk. He may not be as confident as he seems, and there are many things you can do to help him. If you go to some kind of agreement, agree only to feasible conditions, and do not bind yourself with strict obligations.

Lucky days: 18.02, 21.01


Friendship. You usually put your needs first, but sometimes you have to reprioritize. This week, a friend will ask you for help and moral support. Most likely, in the past, she turned her shoulder when you needed it. Now is your chance to repay her kindness. Change is possible at work. Career goals can become closer if one of the colleagues refuses to participate in the project and you are offered to take his place.

Lucky days: 17.01, 20.01


Routine. You have to do painstaking work that requires patience and attention. For example, parse accumulated letters. Be careful with important documents, errors are likely. The opportunity to complete long-abandoned cases will bring you a feeling of great relief. The creative challenges that come your way will motivate and inspire you. One way or another, you will find a way to turn workdays into something special.

Lucky days: 18.01, 21.01


Patience. Whatever your goal is, persevere until you are satisfied with the result. Ignore those who complain that you are doing something for too long. It is because of impatience that fussy people constantly lose. You must not succumb to this pernicious influence. The problems that will arise at work will be related to the fact that someone overestimates or underestimates their abilities. But you know how to fix it.

Lucky days: 16.01, 20.01


Conflict. A serious dispute with a colleague can lead to litigation if an amicable agreement cannot be reached. In addition, you may be asked to mediate in some important matters. Agree, but try to do it carefully and without haste. You will be satisfied with the result of the projects started this week. If you are lonely, pay attention to one of the new acquaintances. Perhaps a potential partner is slightly awkwardly giving you signs, inviting you to flirt.

Lucky days: 18.01, 19.01


Order. Now you want to organize your life more intelligently and competently. You are tired of the chaos and lack of a system. This also applies to relationships. A recent dispute with a partner remained unresolved. One way to overcome discord is to speak frankly about what happened. And find a way to leave all disagreements in the past. Friends and colleagues will offer you a wide range of hobbies to choose from during the weekend.

Lucky days: 17.01, 22.01


Entertainment. Now is not the best time for noisy parties and going out. However, you may receive many invitations to meetings and parties. You won’t be able to accept them all, and your friends will feel like you’re avoiding them. So be careful when formulating the reason for the refusal. You will have an idea to change your career or financial plans. At the same time, the partner will make it clear that he fully supports you. So feel free to act.

Lucky days: 17.01, 19.01


Harmony. In professional matters, you will show enviable calmness and emotional composure. This will allow you to work harmoniously with those with whom you have recently argued and quarreled. In the team, everyone will try to help each other, you will see many colleagues from the other side – more humane, and responsive. If you feel lonely, cultural events and friendly meetings will help expand your social circle.

Lucky days: 20.01, 22.01

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