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4 zodiac signs that never show their true colors

You will never know how I am or how I feel!

Some zodiac signs hide their true selves. They hide from others, but also from themselves, that they cannot be perfect. The main reason is the fear of being rejected or judged.

4 zodiac signs that never show their true colors


As a partner, you might think you know what’s on Virgo’s mind, but the truth is, you don’t and never will. Virgo does whatever she has to do to get what she wants: your money, support, or approval. However, she doesn’t want you to know who she is and is completely shrouded in mystery.

Virgo is a self-protective sign: she will do whatever it takes to secure her place in the relationship, but you’ll never know how involved she is because she doesn’t share her feelings.


If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer, you’re being lied to. This sign very rarely reveals who he is, what he feels, and what he thinks. It’s a sign that has no patience with you or your need to get to know him better. Although he is limited in revealing his feelings, he may offer even less if you provoke him or yourself too much.

Don’t let your guard down, no matter how hard you try.


This sign is very discreet about his feelings. If Aquarius reveals their true self, you might not like them anymore. Because of this, he tries to hide his true face and give people only what they want. He is afraid that he will no longer be loved.


Libra is elusive and lies easily.

What you think about him is just a fantasy. He never reveals his true self, because if he did, you would run away from him. The scale shows you what you want to see because otherwise, you wouldn’t like it. As such, he avoids confrontation and maintains some stability.

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