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Horoscope For May 2024: These Three Astrological Signs Are The Luckiest Of The Month

“In May, do what you please,” says the adage. These three zodiac signs are about to verify it as they are the luckiest for May 2024.

“And the wind brings me the smell of lilacs”, sang Marcel Amont in “Joli mois de mai”. Let these astrological signs be reassured, the ballad tells of a lost love, but this month is not likely to disappoint them. Yes, in astrology, as elsewhere, the wheel always ends up turning. Since the astrological seasons and the zodiac form an infinite cycle. If you had the feeling that the forecasts for April 2024 were making fun of you a little, perhaps it was to better reward you in May. Taurus season is about to be in full swing before being followed by Gemini season on May 20: a concentration of spring. And some might benefit more than others. Here are the lucky three to whom the month of May 2024 will allow them to shine.


“As long as I win, I play,” Aries says to themselves this month of May. So obviously, as they plan to play a lot, they risk winning quite a bit. Because, certainly, it’s no longer their anniversary season, but in heaven, it’s just like that. The planets particularly wish him well this spring. The first sign of the zodiac has even more of a rage to win than usual. If the stars are to be believed, now is the perfect time for Aries to take things to the next level. Determined and proactive, the horned beast has energy to spare in May. That’s the Mars in Aries effect. Back in its favorite territory, the planet of action has an ultra-motivating effect on the sign. Especially since Mercury in Taurus from the 15th should help these strong minds to keep their feet on Earth to get what they want.


“The planets are aligning above your head,” announced Cyrine Ben Romdhane in the horoscope for May. And it could hardly have been said better for Taurus who is spending a birthday month at the top. Thanks to the planetary combo of the Sun (energy), Mercury (communication), and of course Jupiter. The planet of luck completes a two-year transit in the sign of Taurus. The month of May then serves as the closing ceremony. Everything ends in style for the Earth sign’s birthday, especially on the heart side. It must be said that Venus in Taurus since Monday, April 29 has been making eyes at one of its favorite signs. The planet of love and relationships grants Taurus a new lease of life. As a couple or single, we welcome change with grace. Especially since Uranus, a star of novelty and turnarounds, intends to encourage movement by joining forces with Jupiter and then Venus. “You immerse yourself in an enchanted parenthesis where softness, tenderness, and romance soothe you. »


Contrary to what Daniel Balavoine sings, when the Lions arrive in town this month: no one changes the sidewalk. During the next few weeks, the maned sign is particularly pampered by the stars. Mars in transit an accomplice Fire sign (Aries) stimulates his desire to move forward, to have fun, and to shine. As a result, his charm works, his charisma gives him a real halo (yes, like Beyoncé) and he has no trouble seducing his crush or winning his case at work. Especially when we know that Jupiter, the star of good fortune, is preparing to watch over Leo. From May 26, the planet of luck will be in Gemini, a friendly sign, to ensure that the cosmic feline shines. Especially since the Mercury in Earth sign on the 15th balances Leo’s ardor and gives him even more authority. We trust him, he inspires others. And it could be that a promotion at work or a great advancement in his personal life will complete it all.

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