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Horoscope For The Week Of December 4-10

They told you what actions will help you have a great time over the next 7 days.

The first full week of winter will be difficult emotionally for many, but you will be able to get the best out of it if you can’t act through it. Our forecast “highlighted” the moments for which it is worth trying.


Patience. At the beginning of the week, Aries will be overcome by the feeling that they are marking time: doing business without any progress. You need to try not to let such thoughts take root and be patient: closer to Friday everything will change. Representatives of the sign will receive inspiring feedback on their actions. Financial stress will also be reduced since monetary rewards will also not be long in coming.

Lucky days: 07.12, 08.12.


Transformation. A busy week awaits Taurus. The eclipse corridor that ended at the end of November closed an important chapter in the life of the representatives of the sign, which had been in the foreground for the last two years. Such changes will provoke the emergence of new interests in early December. Taurus themselves will become the initiators of the next period of transformation, but this time they will not feel fear, because they have already gone through something similar. December beginnings will give you a chance to satisfy your curiosity and try something unusual for yourself.

Lucky days: 06.12, 08.12.


Discipline. Gemini will experience significant changes in their daily household chores this week. Bringing order and comfort to your home will improve control and discipline in work tasks. Therefore, by taking on this area, Gemini will be able to “kill two birds with one stone.” It may be difficult for some of the changes to take root, but diligence will ultimately yield excellent results. The week is also suitable for establishing connections with family. You can do this if you keep in mind the idea that your loved ones want only the best for you.

Lucky days: 06.12, 09.12.


Courage. The mood of Cancers at the beginning of winter will be gloomy due to old problems that will suddenly remind themselves. But under no circumstances should representatives of the sign become limp; on the contrary, it is important to show courage: not put it off until later, but take on the unpleasant immediately. The energy of the week, if Cancers begin to take active actions, will pick up their initiative: alarming situations will be resolved before Friday.

Lucky days: 05.12, 06.12.


Confidence. Leos are waiting for certain events that will positively affect their perception of themselves. Representatives of the sign will gain self-confidence, which dulled a little at the end of November. Returning to a normal state will charge Leo with energy. Friends will reinforce this mood: one of them will offer an interesting project in which Leos will be able to express themselves well. So people of the fire sign should not avoid startups and be afraid of difficult business conversations: everything will be resolved in their favor.

Lucky days: 07.12, 10.12.


Productivity. Virgos will throw themselves into work this week. Neither your doubts nor criticism from outside will distract you from your desire to do as much as possible by the New Year. This fighting spirit will help representatives of the sign to qualitatively improve their skills and eliminate gaps in knowledge. So the first full week of December will be promising for Virgos: it will lay the foundation for the whole month. People of this sign may enjoy a long-term partnership – business or romantic – as well as an increase in their reputation.

Lucky days: 04.12, 07.12


Education. Libra will feel that they lack practical experience. You will want to update your knowledge or gain a completely new experience. Such zeal is commendable, but it is advisable not to take on several things at once. This week, what is happening around us will be chaotic and may suddenly confuse plans. The best solution is to slowly improve in one area.

Lucky days: 05.12, 09.12.


Safety. The eclipse corridor left its mark on the life of Scorpios. During this period, representatives of the sign faced one of their fears and were able to overcome it. Therefore, at the beginning of December, Scorpios enter as winners, with a high level of self-confidence. Now their main focus is ensuring comfort and safety. Everyone they value will fall under such protection of Scorpios.

Lucky days: 04.12, 05.12.


Demand. This week Sagittarius will be in great demand. There will be many moments at work and at home where their intervention will be required. The feeling of necessity will give Sagittarius the motivation to “pump up” themselves, and the desire to gain recognition at work will make them more stubborn. So by the middle of the week, Sagittarius can already receive a nice bonus for their efforts.

Lucky days: 06.12, 07.12.


Pleasure. For Capricorns, the week will be fun and calm. The difficult period for representatives of the sign ended in early November when the planetary ruler Saturn completed its retrograde movement. However, only now has the patron planet finally settled into a direct state, so Capricorns began to feel freer. This state promotes new acquaintances and the desire to devote more time to oneself. So Capricorns will most likely devote their weekend to something that will please them.

Lucky days: 09.12, 10.12.


Lazy rest. In November, Aquarians were at the peak of productivity, but the beginning of December will be marked for them by a crisis of identity. It will become more difficult to generate creative ideas and maintain a positive attitude. Such a decline should not frighten representatives of the sign. This is a normal reaction of the body to a long proactive period: now it just wants to rest. In order not to completely exhaust themselves, Aquarians need to consciously be lazy this week and not reproach themselves for it.

Lucky days: 06.12, 08.12.


Contemplation. Creative Pisces will feel great at the beginning of the month. For them, the week will be rich in pleasant emotions: the sense of beauty will intensify, and the desire to create will appear. Representatives of the sign, who are not so immersed in creativity, will also be overwhelmed by the aesthetic mood. But in a slightly different form: through the need for contemplation. Therefore, it would be a good idea to go to a museum or theater in the middle of the week and spend the weekend outside the city – in nature. Such a pastime will fill you with strength and ideas.

Lucky days: 09.12, 10.12.

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