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Horoscope January 23: Taurus must give up pride in love

Read today’s horoscope and find out what awaits you!


The first day of the week finds you in a good mood. You are rested and have a lot of energy and determination. You face the day with strength and manage to do more than you set out to do at work.


In love, things don’t go as you would like. It seems that the person next to you is letting you down more and more often. Put your pride aside, show your vulnerabilities and tell him that everything that happens hurts!


Today you will receive remarkable news, news that will radically change your life and that you did not expect.

It seems like a dream too good to be true. But it is true! However, take care of your health as your body and mind need rest.


This Monday is pretty tough, almost every other start of the week so far. It will be quite difficult for you to focus on what you have to do at work, and the bosses may take notice of you.


Today will be quite exhausting for you, mostly because of the extra tasks received at work. Try to take them one at a time, you don’t have to solve them all today, but solve them all well!


According to the latest predictions of the stars, today is a lucky day.

In money, in work, in love. Make a wish and it will come true in the shortest possible time.


The love story you are living may have come to an end. Unfortunately, today will be decisive in this aspect of your life. It may seem that the world has ended, but the most beautiful things will only begin to appear now.


If you plan to miss work or school today, it might not be the best decision. Someone in authority over you will reprimand you and cut off some of the benefits you have enjoyed so far.


If you have children, today will be overwhelming.

The illness of one of them will put a lid on you both physically and mentally. Try to gather yourself as fast as possible, you are stronger than you think!


If you plan to start losing weight today, try to avoid meetings and visits, because the temptations might be too great. Be one step ahead and anticipate!


Today will be marked by a phone call that will surprise you. We don’t know whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant, it’s certain that it will turn all your plans upside down. In terms of health, in the evening you may experience slight headaches.


If you have problems with blood pressure, today you should be brave and go for a specialist check-up.

Even if it’s nothing serious, it’s better to act preventively. Always!

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