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Horoscope: The Last Week Of November Brings Luck To These Three Astrological Signs

Between November 23 and 29, 2023, the planets send a host of good vibes to three signs of the zodiac. Luck beckons. An excellent period is coming for them.

The stars are often full of resources and always bring us their share of (good) surprises. This is why every week, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié strives to share his horoscope. He helps readers better understand the energies of the moment and “coaches” them in his way to help them seize the opportunities that present themselves along their path. If November was not easy, leading in turn to questioning and a need for introspection, this week, everything is shaking up in the sky. A vibrant energy takes over. The opportunity for three astrological signs to do well. Here is the cosmic podium.


It’s time to breathe and have fun. In the coming days, the Sun will make its comeback in Sagittarius. The star of light brings us a good mood and above all a shot of energy to share with friends or family. Yes, this week, the flame is rekindled. If until now we felt the need to slow down to slowly enter the cold season, the machine is starting up again. The pace quickens, and the desire takes over again. Everything is accentuated by the arrival of Mars in Sagittarius. The planet of action combines with the powers of the Sun to pique our curiosity and our need to go on an adventure. A new wind is blowing above our heads.

At the same time, Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) continue their progress hand in hand. The planets combine their forces to help us put words to what we feel. Placed respectively in a Fire sign and in an Air sign, Mercury and Venus are responsible for creating a light climate that favors connections and negotiations. The icing on the cake: the weekends with a very festive meeting. The Full Moon in Gemini on November 27, 2023, helps us open our chakras. It broadens our horizons, invites us to connect with others, and even to trust our creativity to dare to go beyond what we know how to do. A colorful week that is likely to inspire more than one person.


He is already known to be the most hyperactive and enterprising of all the signs of the zodiac. Aries therefore did not necessarily need a boost, but any new challenge is good to take… This week, the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Sagittarius help it to move to another level in terms of ideas wacky. This is the promise of a “much more pleasant time” to live than when the stars met in Scorpio. Introspection is the need for calm. With him, it was fine for 30 seconds, after that, he started to feel stagnant and wasting away. This is why Aries feels particularly inspired by the return of action. He is in his element, ready to lay down his cards and go into battle.

“The solar star and Mars bring you warmth and confidence to move forward with current projects quickly and well,” warns the astrologer. The machine is restarted and ideas are flowing. Aries wants to take on new challenges, they look for innovative projects, and they need to let off steam. He then went through meetings and negotiations to set up everything he had wanted to do up to that point. Between two boxing classes and a weekend trek planned, he takes the time to showcase his know-how. “Regarding Mercury, its talent consists of facilitating communication, to convince with fluidity,” underlines Jean-Yves Espié. Even in his wildest desires, Aries is therefore sure to find the right allies who will follow him. It’s perfect for conquering new horizons.


He can finally breathe and it feels good. Taurus has been roughed up a bit in recent days, but everything is about to change. “The departure of the planets which occupied your opposite sector is a relief, the pressure will go down and you will find calm and harmony daily,” promises the astrologer. The opportunity for the cosmic ox to come to his senses and find his bearings. He who values ​​his little comforts and his routine so much has the impression of being in the right place, at the right time. Enough to give him confidence in himself. Better in his skin and his mind, it seems that Taurus can let himself be carried away. He finds his smile and his peace again.

“Your peaceful temperament will take over, and you will express yourself more easily. » It’s as good for business as it is for matters of the heart. Tensions dissipate and calm returns. Jean-Yves Espié has only one piece of advice to give him: “Show yourself available to live in the present moment, and your good energies will resonate. » In short, for Taurus, it is a question of appealing to the law of attraction. As Lena Situation would say “More equals more”. We know Taurus is suspicious and pragmatic, but this week we suggest he believe in his lucky star. Especially since Jupiter (luck) is around and he too is joining the party!


If we often hear Aquarius repeating that he likes to “do things differently” or that he cultivates “his originality”, this week, his touch of madness brings him luck. With the arrival of Mars in his friend Sagittarius, the last Air sign sees itself growing wings. The red planet “will bring you great energy to initiate the developments you hope for,” promises the astrologer. This is promising, especially for everything that concerns the social or professional sector. Determined to move forward and implement daring projects, he goes for it. Venus brings him the charm necessary to seduce and convince. All while taking care of your finances. Result: everything he does has a good chance of ending in success and bringing him big returns.

The icing on the cake: thanks to Mercury, “you will have clear ideas and precise words”. Aquarius will know how to find the right words to get their message across. This is ideal for promoting your ideas and negotiating with finesse what needs to be negotiated. On the heart side too, the situation is going in its direction. Between two people, exchanges are facilitated so that we simply enjoy the happiness of being together. He who since the start of the school year has been somewhat mistreated by the stars sees (finally) the situation being reversed. It’s good to live in his world. And that’s what we call luck!

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